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JG Dubz Paints A Frantic Picture With His Newest Single, “Riddim De Favela”

I’m grateful to say that I can start my week off with some swanky new Riddim licks all because of a highschool badmon from São Paulo named JG Dubz. I’ve been following this rockstar’s movement for quite some time now, and I’m pleased to say that with every passing day, his music gets exponentially better. His newest tune is the perfect example of the grimy Brazilian Riddim ruckus that you and I have been looking for. Culture through music is one of the many keys to eternal happiness, my friends.

  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term favela, it’s used to describe the slums of Brazil, the typical towns that mainly see residents living in shacks, the term shanty town may come to mind. So let’s put ourselves in the footsteps of those who wander around the Favelas of Brazil. I want you to do something for me, when you hit play on JG’s newest tune “RIDDIM DE FAVELA” I want you to close your eyes and pay attention to that delicate introduction. A serene yet brave voice draws you in quick with its beautiful sound, as   young child wandering through the worst favela strums his voice at the sound of thugs roaming through the streets – and of course, these thugs are wielding an assortment of heavy artillery weapons which put the good people living in these towns in danger. You should definitely open your eyes when that filthy drop kicks in. And I advise you play this one with the bass turned all the way up. Who are some artists outside of the States that you’re listening to right now? Leave a comment below! <3

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Grab your weapons folks, we’re going to the favela.

– Zyven

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