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British Columbia’s “Just John” Has The Recipe

       Beware. Just John’s newest productionBruh VIP” is no ordinary Bass tuna. This heaping pile of Bass was made for the many deep sea file fishermen of this generation’s online universe. Don’t break your mouse as you smash click on that Free Download my friends. “Bruh VIP” is in fact, a short story about one man’s frivolous journey through a mysterious nightclub in Manhattan on his first night in the big city. While this journey may seem frightening for the Kimberely, British Columbia fellow, Just John thinks he has what it takes to head into this perilous conquest with full force – there’s no turning back now.

  As he enters the basement of this new castle like venue, Just John is met with the intricate and deeply rugged nature of the bottom dweller bass junky’s choice of tunes for this odd ended Saturday evening. The bouncy wobble craft shifts gears as Just John makes his way up to the next floor of the nightclub. All of the sudden, John is now in a room full of party animals wearing neon bracelets and matching rave outfits as the speed of “Bruh VIP” turns into a Bass House medley with just a short moment’s notice. In the blink of an eye, Just John is now taken directly to the third floor where the all hard hitting Trap kings and queens were showing out to the fullest. Expect a lot of sexy dance moves on the third floor my friends, the night is just getting started. Keep up the good work John, you’ve got some new friends in Charlotte and Savannah bumping your music!

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Damn brother! Who’s that dropping that fire over there? 

Why, it’s Just John!

– Zyven

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