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Kill The Noise Returns To Charlotte [June 16th Announcement]

 Ladies and Gentlemen, are you as excited as I am about the upcoming Carolina performances by the true OG, Kill the Noise, as well as a popular up and coming Electronic Metal head, Sullivan King? If the answer is yes, you and I can certainly be friends and will surely be raging together on the dance floor. If the answer is no, hopefully the rest of this article will convince you otherwise!

  It’s been a little less than a year since Kill the Noise has taken over the North Carolina Bass scene; the last time KTN stopped by the First in Flight state, he wound up putting on a fantastic back to back performance with Charlotte veteran Ray Volpe, where hundreds of supporters flocked the Neighborhood Theater for this unexpected surprise. After catching Kill The Noise’s massive performance at Excision’s Lost Lands Music Festival, I was barely able to move my body to the Cave of Souls for the next big performance. Now, it seems like KTN is returning to the Carolinas for his debut at the brand new Firmament nightclub in Greenville, SC on June 1st as well as his debut at World Nightclub in Charlotte on June 16th. Watch Kill The Noise merk his set at Lost Lands just so you have an idea as to what kind of insanity you can expect in the Carolinas.

We’re not too far away from finally witnessing the Metal-Dubstep, remixing scream champion, Sullivan King tear down the city of Charlotte for the very first time. His initial North Carolina debut landed him at a Create. show in September of last year – many people feel like that was quite some time ago, and they’re hungry to hear tracks like “Vantablack” co-produced with Dirtyphonics,Welcome to the Fire” created with SLANDER, or his Dubloadz collab “Break The Rail.” I’m grateful that I managed to catch Sullivan King for the first time earlier this year at the Echostage stop during the Datsik Ninja Nation Tour. My experience was short, but powerful – now I’m excited to finally catch a full set from this heavy hitter (Read about Sullivan King’s Special Guest DC Performance Here) June 16th can’t come soon enough folks!

Headbangers should also brace up for the aggressively crafted set that we will soon experience from non-other than Carolina up and coming badmon, R3X0R. The Myrtle Beach monster is always popping up at the heaviest shows that our East Coast haven has to offer. One of his most recent performances during the PhaseOne show in Greensboro left people picking up pieces of their jaw off the ground once R3X0R set was said and done. Check out his newest single with the
Wild Boyz! titled “Runaway” for a taste of some of his new work – and peep “Naptime” if you want to hear one of his fan favorites! I thoroughly can’t

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