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KirbyBright and Murkury Bring out the Wonk in “When That”

What’s up friends, it’s me Treetop! Today we are going to discuss an amazing track produced by the dons Murkury and KirbyBright. These two talented producers from the Carolinas have really outdone themselves with this master of a track they released three years ago. “When That” is one of the craftiest Bass tracks to be released to date. When Kirby says “When that bass hits my skeletal, and my soul sits symmetrical”, you feel it in your bones – and yes it’s actually KirbyBright creating these vocals!

These two guys from the Undergrowth Collective really did a brilliant job with this track! I recommend anyone who likes fat bass lines to give this track a peep. I was fortunate enough to catch Kirby and Zeplinn dropping it in their back to back set at the Widdler back in October on video!

This track literally sits in my ears so well and it makes me mellow out with the stretch of the bass lines. With each silent pause into the sound of straight filth, cold chills run down my spine as if the beat is transforming my body into solid vibrations of bass trembling with each and every wave as it plays through my ears.

The borg sounding Kirby sets the mood for this track at the beginning by giving it a dark and grimey ready to slap you around attitude, and the wobbly lines and repeating slapping bass are just phenomenal! The pauses of silence between the drops set a dark and mysterious tone as to what’s about to happen in the drop. 

Mad props to KirbyBright and Murkury for making this solid track!

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– Treetop

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