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Kosha Dillz & Alvarez Kings Give A New Perspective on Happiness

      What’s your daily motivation? What keeps you inspired throughout the twenty four hours that make up your Mondays? While my answers may sound a little cliche, I always love having the opportunity to check up on my friends and family to make sure they’re doing okay. Mental health is important! I love to write about music and spread the good word with those who are willing to expand their horizons. I live for making others smile through art.

But what about for New Jersey born performer, writer, and Hip-Hop artist known by the name of Kosha Dillz? A few years back, the universe told me that it was time to put Rami in my life, and for a very good reason. I don’t have a lot of friends who practice the Jewish faith, so maybe meeting Kosha Dillz was a way of discovering people who share a passion for music and aren’t afraid to intertwine their faith with their career. Dillz works hard for himself, his community, and the whole nation of Israel, and I’m certainly glad that I had the chance to watch him perform in Charlotte twice now (once in Warped Tour back in 2015, and in 2018 at the Milestone!) Since I’m all about spreading the joy, love and happiness that music bring us, I would like to share a special new Kosha Dillz collaboration with Sheffield based artists the Alvarez Kings. Dillz speaks on the lifelong journey that we must endure to better ourselves, yet me must never forget about the scars that made us into the people we are today. Hit play below to enjoy the visuals for Kosha Dillz’ new tune “Other Side of Happiness“.

You can also stream the “Other Side of Happiness” on Spotify! Thank you for supporting the underground!


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Oi Vey, It’s Kosha Dillz and the Alvarez Kings

– Zyven

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