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Kosha Dillz Brings His Underground Style to Charlotte [Concert Review]

     How many Jewish rappers can you name off the top of your head? Lil Dicky, Mac Miller, Drake. You got the basics, but you’re forgetting one pivotal underground Hip-Hop fanatic, one of the freshest Hebrew rhymes and rappers in the scene, Kosha Dillz. It’s crazy how I discovered the Jersey bred artist almost 4 years ago back when I watching Hip-Hop syphers on YouTube with my homies. From discovering his top notch freestyle on TeamBackpack to playing his songs on my used-to-be Hip-Hop radio show in 2015, to shooting his set at Warped Tour in Charlotte, I’ve been able to build up a relationship with the Freestyle Freestyle rapper. Last Sunday I got an invite from my friend Rave Charles, a hard working Dj from Charlotte who was working with Kosha Dillz for his concert at The World Famous Milestone, right here in the Queen City. I was buried deep homework, but then I got a message from Rami (Kosha) personally and that’s pretty much when I threw everything in my backpack and teleported over to the Milestone. Here’s how the night went down.

     When I showed up to the venue I immediately picked up the intimate vibes as I peered at a crowd of Kosha’s closest Carolina fans and friends. I was glad to see that familiar, friendly, face doing his thing on stage. I got there on time to hear the intro track to his album What I Do All Day & Pickle called “No You Cant,” a poppy, catchy single that uses a funny hook which reads as “This track don’t mean nothing, but when you see me why do you always need something? Can I get a.. No you cant!” He started shouting random things out, “Can I borrow your car? No you can’t. Lemme borrow some money! No you can’t! You want Charlotte Sessions to write a review. No you can’t!” This clean track led in to a special something that was dedicated to all the annoying neighbors you’ve ever had. “What’s Goin on Upstairs” is always a good party tune no matter what the setting is.

      The next track had me bouncing around and gave me that instant feeling of boss mode swag. No matter how nasty one of his beats or verses turns out to be, the lyrics are usually hilarious, this shows in What I Do All Day” while he raps about not getting paid and just getting by. Before starting the tube, he had everyone form an obtuse angle with their arm, and everyone the hook came on, we had to rock our new obtuse angle pose and jam. Kosha fills this song with entertaining lines such as “Met a girl who’s really hot, she unthordox, said she wanna roll with me but tonight she only gonna walk” *drops mic*. There was another part where Kosha said “I used to be an old school college rapper but then I got older and lost my hair” *Takes off hat.*

    This man had plenty of energy all throughout the night. The following track had a really nice ring to it, Kosha said “This is a track about my mother Haiya.” It was a nice ode to the lady who raised him to be the talented musician he is today. The next track that really caught my attention was called “Wavy!” which carries that oldschool boom bap flow, that steadily speed up before Kosha unleashes a funny line saying, “Wavy, blowing kisses to my babies, hair on my chest to impress all the ladies.” But my favorite part of the track was when Kosha shouted “Cruising down the street hanging out with all my peeps from Charlotte, NC!” If I could only recommend you one Kosha Dillz tune, it would be Wavy.

Well, I actually have a second track un mind that closely rivals the styles of “Wavy.” This one track bounces around from Hebrew to Spanish to English as Kosha spits out goofy lines relating to the abundant Spanish presence in New Jersey his Jewish background, as well as his American side. Before the song started he told us “When I say Ech Ani Olec oh, you say Yes Yes!” I don’t know what the phrase means, and I can’t find it on the internet. So I’m going to assume that Kosha had us shouting that we like rap music. What I really enjoy about Kosha Dillz concerts is that he always tries to get the crowd as involved as physically possible.

    The main focus of Kosha Dillz’ new single was friends. The Jersey rapper spoke on being humble, but how on other occasion he “dreams about beating rappers assess all over the world.” I think he said it was called “Humble Man.” Whatever it was, the thought provoking lyrics stole away my attention. Soon enough Kosha led up to his hit track about how we should strive to be the strongest individual that we were meant to be. He shouts through the mic “We are different! We are different, but it’s gonna be okay!” I really enjoy the message that this evening’s headliner was trying to portray through this single. On a less serious note, it was finally time to catch the infamous “Freestyle Freestyle” that Kosha Dillz is known for. Everyone placed a variety of objects on stage, like car keys, headphones, a condom, and a bunch if other random items that allowed for Kosha and his rapper friend who drove from South Carolina to perform at the show, the perfect opportunity to throw down a catchy freestyle based off all the items on stage. The two tackled the Freestyle Freestyle with ease, you could really tell the crowd was digging it!

     All in all, I was extremely happy that Remi reached out to me and invited me out to the show. It was an absolute blessing being able to experience his happy go-lucky attitude and his highly entertaining live performance once again. It’s always nice to see how an artist progresses throughout the journey that makes up their musical career. I will gladly rep Kosha Dillz any day of the week. Make sure you go Follow his Facebook Page so you can stay up with everything Kosha.

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