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Jersey Based Rhymestar, Kosha Dillz Won’t Leave Denny’s! [Music Video]

 Do you ever sit around and wonder how come Rick and Morty are so obsessed with the infamous chain restaurant called Denny’s? It’s because they couldn’t get enough of Edison’s very own Kosha Dillz’ single “What I Do All Day.” The high energy rapper shows us what the life of hardworking, and often starving (but never too empty stomached) artist is truly like. I remember hearing this tune for the first time at Kosha’s last appearance in Charlotte at the Milestone Club earlier this year, and now the man has finally put out a goofy four minute and twenty second video to go along with his lyrical antics (Read the Review Here). Now you can share the experience of watching Kosha Dillz harass a young lady named Betty for some egg and cheese at Dennys, getting strange tweets from Scottie Pippens, or hitting on 10/10 Orthodox women out of Flynt Flossy’s red Chevy. Check out the music video for “What I Do All Day” below!

This dude raps about going to Denny's… ALL DAY!

Going to Dennys and rapping and basically killing it with Real Flynt Floss from Turquoise Jeep Records.

Posted by Kosha Dillz on Thursday, May 17, 2018

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