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Krxnik Has Got the Magic [New Banger Discovery]

The ultimate weed smoking womper.

I’m laying in Kayla’s bed waiting for her to get off work, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to pass the time than by surfing SoundCloud on a conquest to find new music. Some eloquent and melodic piano notes are quickly met with a great synth and clap combo before introducing a voice that sounds like he’s saying “Inhale breakbeats.” But what really caught my attention on KRXNIK new tune “Break Beats” was the rapid change in tempo that led up to the wildly wonky drop, it’s almost as if a rubber duck was taken into a lab and turned into a cybernetic being with the ability of changing its honk. This New Yorker has managed to successfully gain the attention of one of the hardest working record labels around, DirtySnatcha Records. After catching DS perform his South Carolina debut just a few days ago, I was left wildly impressed with his track selection. Now that we have him coming out to Charlotte on March 20th, I’ll see if he can play this banger by KRXNIK. Much love KRXNIK, thank you for the awesome tune.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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