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Kygo & Thomas Jack (Counterpoint Mini Reviews!)


     I asked my cousin from Barranquilla, Colombia who this year, had lived with my family for the better part of 5 months, who his favorite performers were at the 2015 Counterpoint Music & Arts Festival.

Not only was this Alejandro´s first music festival, it was also his first time seeing anyone perform live, period. When I decided to wander off and go see ILoveMakonnen, Al and the rest of the crew stuck around to see 20 year old Australian house producer, Thomas Jack. A similar situation went down with Kygo; so I ended up asking Alejandro to write me a short review, to the best of his abilities, on his two favorite performances. Enjoy!


     Kygo was one of the most expected artists at Counterpoint 2015. Ever since his great hit ‘Firestone’ from last fall, and ‘Stole The Show’ from last Winter, he has become very popular all around the globe. Sadly, Kygo’s incredible ability to produce isn’t the same as his DJ-ing skills. It is true that he still needs a lot of experience, which will only be gained by performing live more often. It is important to be clear on this: We still really enjoyed the show. And seeing all the people sing the words to Kygo’s music was very nice. Kygo is a great musician and he will go very far, and Counterpoint’s attendants left that clear.


Thomas Jack

Thomas Jack made it to Counterpoint 2015 as an unknown artist, it seemed like merely a handful of people knew about his music including his many remixes, like Little Talks by ¨Of Monsters and Men,¨ on Soundcloud, but that didn’t stop him from making an awesome performance. At the beginning, most of the crowd from Griz’s performance dispersed and only a small group stayed. It was very surprising to see so many people gather only after a few minutes after starting his set, to join all the dancing and fun that Thomas Jack´s Tropical House has caused all around the globe.Thomas Jack

      Sometimes cellphone pictures are all you can get.. So here´s another good one of a sign a fan made.

oh my fuck


We hope you enjoyed these mini reviews! Stay tuned for more awesome EDM news and stories.

– Zyven and Alejandro

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