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Lab Group Releases Their First Collaborative Mix | LG01

Constant tinkering in a sonic laboratory full of bass music’s finest visionaries leads to a timelessly mind-bending journey through sound and stereophonic exploration. Boldly bearing the fruits of hours upon hours honing their craft, Lab Group presents a top-tier mix from the highest quality producers across the country – and of course, they’re all unified under the banner of genuine musicality and low frequency innovation.

Conducting the majority of the mix were Lab Group’s founders; Supertask, Charlesthefirst, and Potions, all of which brings a unique flavor of experimentation to the project, yet blend together immaculately well in collaboration. Along with these three, the mix also features two of LA’s most talented engineers/musicians Tsuruda and Player Dave, as well the Philadelphian bass artist singing guitarist whomst holds the key to my heart; Tiedye Ky.


If you want to know what Lab Group is all about, just hear it from Charlesthefirst himself during minute 16:30 of the LG01 Mix on Bandcamp. The track is a collab called “Old Ways” and features the Lake Tahoe native rapping a slew of impressive verses, leaving the beats for once to the brilliant musician and production genius Supertask. Charles sets the tone with confidence in the intro verse saying, “Rock bottom aint a trap for me, I fight the apathy I sped up on my average speed, I bought a crib and I ain’t even write my masterpiece, these mountain tops couldn’t start to put a cap on me” and continues to up the ante throughout the remainder of the track, boldly displaying a much more refined vocal flow than we’ve ever heard from him before.

It’s clear that Charles has avoided all signs of slowing down, taking this opportunity to expand and perfect his arsenal of artistic expression. In one of my favorite verses of the track, Charles name drops the talented upcoming designer/artist Rene King aka Ruku among a myriad of brilliantly pocketed lyrics. “Supertask with the slaps I never slack indeed, LG have your venue at capacity, no LV I got that Ruku on my jacket sleeve, always hatin’ but now every day you’re @’ing me“. Long story short, Californian has undoubtedly proven his vocals are minted and ready for the masses.

I absolutely recommend checking out all of these guys if you haven’t already. Each addition to the mix fits exquisitely well with the others, and I say without a single ounce of doubt, every producer included possesses unlimited potential for bringing genuine musical integrity to the bass music community.

Supertask‘sHealing” adds an integral piece of soul to the mix, propelling the listener up into a moment of lucid clarity, far above the chaotic atmospheres of the world and the vapid bitterness of corrupted hearts. Healing is one of those tracks that says more without words than perhaps even lyrics could. I will forever and always support artists who present honest angles of their emotional perspective through the use of melody, harmony and powerful bass movements.

A handful of collabs and ID’s along with many other unbelievably fire tracks are littered all throughout the mix, so go check it out on Bandcamp and follow the tracklist to see exactly when these legends hop into the mix. United under innovation and artistry, these brilliant minds connected states from all across the country to add their distinct finesse to this phenomenally executed experiment of sound. I’m hyped to be along for the ride as they continue to break conventional music boundaries. I hope to someday soon catch a set from these guys in the infamous Lab Group audio laboratory.

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