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LAEM Nearly Sinks the Riddim Boat with “Kimetsu No Yaiba”

Good morning to all of you beautiful readers who love and hate Riddim music. I want to wish you all a happy New Year. Today had already been an incredibly special day. I’ve been roaming around different spots of Charlotte promoting my upcoming shows with Bawldy, Molokai, Cancel and Noizon – I even met the legendary Charlotte comedian and musician better known as Old Funky Geezer. I’m feeling a lot of extra love for wubs and dubs today, and for this reason I want to shed some light on a very creative producer from Buenos Aires. This guy has actually been under my radar for the past few years, so it blows my mind that released a tune with my record label, Charlotte Sessions Audio.

While he may go by the name of LAEM, Lucas Antonio is anything but lame. He might be one of the craftiest producers to come from the nation of Argentina. But what makes LAEM so special? His synths make me feel like I’m getting my bills paid for taking part of a simulation in the year 2050 – his sound design makes me question why more members of this tipsy Topsy society haven’t adapted to the Riddim way of life – and his ability to smoothly collaborate and match the vibe with artists such as Enimpa, FiddyKay and Mohno makes him even more exciting to follow. Without a doubt in my mind, LAEM has the juice – and his submission for the Riddim Boat proves it

When I asked him if he wanted to be a part of the Riddim Boat project, he responded in pure excitement. It means a lot to me when artists I appreciate and often times, look up to, show a mutual respect to my own hustle. It turns out that “Kimetsu No Yaiba” is the first tune that LAEM has written solely using sounds that he recorded in the confines of his beautiful Argentina (while of course modifying them with his DAW).

El de la vocal es una serie anime que estaba viendo una amiga en el momento y el drop es el rechinido de una silla de computadora jajajaajja” Essentially, what that’s saying is that he sampled the vocal from an anime that he and a friend were watching together. And the drop comes from a sound that his computer chair creates. LAEM, You are a true Don my friend. HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS!\


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– Zyven

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  1. Cody Cordova Cody Cordova January 6, 2020

    That’s pretty sick! Gotta love sampling your own sounds!

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