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Let’s Chat With “WARNED” [Riddim Interview]

It’s always nice meeting like minded individuals in the underground Dubstep scene, who want nothing more than to better themselves as a musician, performer, and all around individual. Today we’ve got a special surprise cooking up in the kitchen, as Philadelphia based badmon, WARNED, answers a few questions about his life and career.

1. What got you initially interested in electronic music?

I had a friend my freshman year of high school show me Skrillex’s tune ‘Reptile’ and I remember just being so intrigued by the layout of all of the different sound arrangements. I didn’t listen to a whole lot of music up until then and after that day, I dug deeper and deeper into the Dubstep scene until I found my place.

2. Who inspires your sound the most and what motivates you to make the kind of music that you create?
There’s probably way too many to name but the first few I can think of are Subtronics, Svdden Death, Infekt and Aweminus. All these artists are doing their own thing while keeping it fresh and it’s the mindset I try to keep when making music.

3. Where did you get your background in graphic design?
I took a class in high school because I wanted to learn how to photoshop peoples faces onto inanimate objects. I got really good at Illustrator from school but the majority of Photoshop skills are pretty much self taught.

4. Who are the WARRIORS?
We’re really just a group of friends that share music with each other and have a good time with it. It currently consists of Ecto, Saunter, Fayte, Packback, Warned, Selektis, GramGreene, Tantrum and Sokka. We got a lot of things planned for the future but were all currently trying to grow our names individually so we can better the crews name.

5. How did your relationship with Al Ross begin?

It was actually quite unexpected. He randomly hit me up one day telling my how much he loved my stuff and was telling me I was the next big thing. I’ve known Alex way before he became the legend he is today, he’s come such a long way and I’m really proud of all his accomplishments. Al Ross is a big personal inspiration of mine. He’s another artist I really want to be able to work with a lot more!

6. Who are some artists you really want to work with this year?
There’s always tons of artists I’d like to work with but some are more unrealistic than others. I definitely want to do more stuff with Packback, we’re super good friends and I admire his work a lot. He’s really like no other producer making Riddim right now.  Ranga , Executioner and Guru are a few others I’d also like to do more work with!

7. What should people expect from a live WARNED performance?

Just expect a lot of Dubstep! I don’t have a certain routine for my sets and I don’t even know what to expect half the time. I just got a knack for crazy doubles and shit that goes hard. Just bring water, my sets get hot and intense and you’ll need it. I really just try and have as much fun as I can so it’s just as fun for everyone else.

8. Whats one of your favorite memories from when YOU went to a show with some friends?

I think getting to meet the other Warrior members and play a b2b set with Saunter and Packback at ‘Adventures through the Multiverse: Season 2’ was really awesome. I had met Shay and Evan in person before but this was the first time I met James – we had a good majority of the crew together. It was just a fun night with some of my closest friends.

9. Where is your favorite spot to eat in your hometown?
Sadly we don’t have any real good local places by us, its a lot more of the usual fast food / restaurant chains around us. Me and my girlfriend go to this place called Pancheros a lot; it’s basically Chipotle, small menu with topping options. Shoutout my girlfriend as well for being my number one supporter from day one and for coming out to all my shows!

10. Where do you see the Warned project in a few years and what direction would you like to take it?
I’m still in what I’d consider the baby stages of Warned; I’d still really like to do some EP’s and an album with a debut tour within a couple years. I’ve been working harder than ever though so I’m hoping it will pay off sooner than later. I’m just sort of going with the flow – I’m just going to see what happens.

11 Got any details on future releases you can give us?
I’ve just been grinding out tunes; some that are meant for live purposes and some that I’m just not quite sure what to do with. As I said, I’m still in the baby stages of Warned so I’m waiting for the right time and place to do an EP. Just expect more free downloads and clips. I’ve been trying to upload every two weeks or so since January. I’ve also got a new mix to get folks hype about my Dark Forest Show taking place in Montreal on May 11.

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