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[Hottest Concert of the Week] Liquid Stranger & BLeep BLoop Live @ Neighborhood Theater

Time For Another One, SOMA Never Sleeps

     Literally, this past month they’ve hosted events such as the triple promo heavy hitting Never Say Die Tour, and most recently one of our favorite shows to date, with Ganja White Night. Needless to say, these guys know what it’s like to organize a party. This week SOMA Entertainment is bringing the likes of Waakaan artist Liquid Stranger along with the mysterious alien producer hiding in a human body, Bleep Bloop.

      Joining them are Perkulat0r from Vancouver and Shlump from Sebastopol. The show will taking place at the historicl Neighborhood Theater this week, November 4th. Brace up, this is going to be a wild night.

Let your friends know about Friday’s moves and RSVP Here. You can also buy Pre-Sale tickers HERE.


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