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[Listen Here] KM – Anywhere [Charlotte HipHop]

     A few days ago an individual from our wonderful, forever thriving Queen City reached out to us and asked for our respectful opinion on his new project. We could tell the guy has a passion for the music he creates — and passion is exactly what we look for when choosing who we want to write about.

    While we don’t cover as much rap & hiphop as we’d like to, we strive to support individuals with good work ethic and great taste in music. Not mention the fact that he’s from CHARLOTTE. After hearing KM’s new track “Anywhere,” I realized the best thing for me to do was to share this soulful, free spirited jam with all you good people.



     This track is about KM’s journey as an independent musician in Charlotte. The instrumental its written on isn’t your typical boom bap beat. It’s always fun hearing rap instrumentals use background vocals to make up some of the notes, if that statement makes any sense. Hear the old guy croon in the background while the trumpets rise? That’s the kind of shit we like to hear in a good rap song. It kind of reminded me of something that Curren$y would spit on.

     KM’s lyrics are honest and true, and not to mention the beautifully sung hook done by his friend and vocalist, Jaron Strom (pictured below). Dallas made producer, ScottyMuzik is responsible for today’s fire beat. It seems like the three work really well together. It’s been a good year for hiphop, let’s see where KM’s journey takes him this year.


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–   Zyven

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