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Play By Play on Lost Lands [Mini Festival Review]

    Considering the impact it left on myself and the rest of the headbanger community, I can comfortably say that Excision’s inaugural Lost Lands Music Festival was truly an incredible experience. From the life sized dinosaurs (that actually roared?!!?) to the absolutely disgusting plethora of bass music that consistently flooded the airways, Lost Lands was most definitely a success of an event that surpassed the expectations of the populous through and through. In accordance with such a historical event, every single artist brought new tunes to the festival grounds, as they took at shot at building their best sets ever; it most definitely showed. With such a stacked lineup including artists like PhaseOne, Rezz, Datsik, Cookie Monsta, Destroid, Monxx, and so many more, it’s always hard to pick a favorite set, so here’s a couple artists that threw down some especially monstrous heat that really stuck with me after the weekend was all said and done.

     In this basshead paradise, a variety of incredible tracks erupted through the chest rattling 500,000 Watt PK sound system. To begin day 1, Dallas born producer, AFK properly prepared the crowd with an explosive set at the Prehistoric Paradox, as the masses prepared themselves for the a bass filled evening – which was quickly approaching around the corner. His new track with Wooli,WDGAF got all the early comers dancing and bouncing harder than I expected for an early afternoon set. By 6:30, Herobust took front stage by storm, throwing down one of the most exciting sets I’ve seen from the modern age Hercules-double, Dubstep legend. Hearing his new heaters such as “Debt N’ Eight” and “First Person Shooter among other tracks by artists like Monxx, DMVU and Soltan made his set one for the books.

     At the second stage, the Cave of Souls, Pittsburgh based producer, Buku, brought a delightful bass experience that captured the essence of the mysterious, dimly illuminated atmosphere that became a second home at Lost Lands. We head back to the Prehistoric Paradox Stage, to catch Seven Lions deliver a perfectly timed cool down set filled with Future Bass, while also incorporating a variety of heavy Dubstep, just for the bassheads, who were still salivating for their bass fix. Then to close the night, the man behind the festival, Excision himself, threw down a special two-hour extended Dubstep experience of epic proportions.

     I didn’t spare any time to get myself back through those gates the next afternoon, especially since the Prehistoric Paradox stage gurgled with much anticipated Riddim from the UK native, Monxx. If you were part of that rare crowd that got to experience that unimaginable set, then you would agree that this man threw down one of the best sets of the entire weekend. In just 5 short years, this prodigy has released a heap of tunes that have grown popular worldwide. Monxx got the day started off right, because that same day the main stage saw the likes of heavy hitters such as; Jphelpz, Kai Wachi, Spag Heddy, and Funtcase, all of who brought consistent, finely crafted sets to thousands of music hungry bassheads. A pleasant surprise for many was the vibes put on by Boise based producer, Kai Wachi. Known for his track “Demons” which has been remixed numerous times by incredible producers such as Liquid Stranger and Squnto, this young Hawaiian destroyed the mainstage with bone chilling drops and countless distinct genres that make up what we love to call Bass music. As one looked around the crowd, you couldn’t help but notice countless jaws dropping and people running from far away to experience the sounds of Kai Wachi first hand. 

      The last day definitely rolled around quicker than expected, but it was filled to the brim with refreshingly wonky bass music which wreaked of creativity and “how the HELL can you make THAT sound so damn GOOD?? Feels.” From beginning to end, Sunday was definitely the most versatile day of music. With incredible performances to kick off Day 3 by producers like Yheti, Truth, Space Jesus, and Liquid Stranger, it was incredible to hear such a wide range of peculiar yet wildly heavy bass music. To end the day, we were blessed with a Secret set from Ganja White Night and their bass wobbles, Boogie T showed up and threw down with them, and Subtronics joined Boogie’s set. It’s safe to say we were most definitely left with satisfied ears. Although, above all others, its only right to save the best set of the entire weekend for last…

  The queen of brain manipulation, the face behind those fantastically ominous glowing goggles, the one and only REZZ was about to hit the stage. There aren’t many words to describe any given Rezz set, because they’re all amazing. But bouncing around between the two massive volcanoes and dinosaurs on the main stage, as we willingly let Rezz cast a spell on us with her Gessaffelstein-esque puppet strings. By this point I was fully captivated – Rezz my complete attention throughout the entire captivating set. From the very beginning of her set she immediately cast out a crowd wide hypnosis with the ominous beginning of the first song on her recent EP “Mass Manipulation,” titled, “Relax”. It was interesting to see how a pair of mysteriously crafted LED goggles had the crowds, 100% complete, focus and attention. Her dance put the crowd of thousands, in a wonderfully sinister and mesmerizing journey through their minds. The Canadian raised genius alien Goddess producer is an absolute act to watch out for as she continues to push boundaries within the Electronic music community. She also performed other fan favorites such as “Purple Gusher,” “Edge,” her edit of Porter Robinson’s “Shelter” and her edit of “Killing in the Name.” To say the least, REZZ was amazing, and Lost Lands was an unforgettable adventure. If you happen to stumble across $230 and a ride up to Thornville, Ohio sometime between August and October… do NOT pass up this incredible festival. You will thank me afterwards.


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–   Tristan

Blessed Attendee of the Inaugural 2017 Lost Lands Music Festival

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