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The “Lost Lands Carolina Riddim Temple” Inspired by PHISO <3

Ever since my buddy Zeb from Western Massachusetts showed me how to secretly organize rocks in a special way that resembles that of an ancient temple, I have been obsessed with creating my very own miniature temples whenver a good opportunity presents itself. From the Camp Bisco Space Jesus Downtempo Sanctuary (Pictured Below) to Infekt’s West Virginia Swamp Temple (Pictured Below), I’ve discovered how soothing it is to make art out of mother nature and the objects around you. So imagine how I felt on the last day of Lost Lands when I realized how insanely powerful the underground vibes were during PHISO, the bass killer’s set at the Wompy Woods. I decided that Lost Lands deserved its very own temple to add a little sacred, mystical energy to this incredible performance. The Riddim Professor always to leave his mark! But an honest and cunning temple can’t be built on its own –  over the course of PHISO’s set, and even a little into SQUNTO’s Megachop, countless headbangers blessed the Lost Lands Carolina Riddim Temple with a relic of their own, which made for a very special PHISO memory. (Shout out to OhDagYo Photography for the cover photo).

 After an extremely successful few hours of finding homes for my Baby Dinosaur Charms (my special Lost Lands art creations), I walked into the Wompy Woods with absolutely zero clue on who would be performing throughout the day. The news of the insane storm that never actually happened really messed up the set times – but believe me when I say I was absolutely thrilled to see that PHISO was the man throwing down on stage whenever I showed up. It’s as if he was waiting for me to show up before getting too deep into his set. Let the records show that PHISO’s 2017 performance at the Cave of Souls was one of the heaviest, most aggressive sets I have ever been a part of! While I didn’t see any rage animals punch each other square in the arm this time around, the mosh pits were next level!

   As I approached the front of the stage, I see a young familiar PHISO throwing down heavy vibes, with his hair in a clean man bun that gave Cookie Monsta a run for his money. My face immediately lit up when I ran into my buddy Sam Odrowski, one of the many friends who has written articles for The Charlotte Sessions in the past! This man lives all the way in Fort Frances, about 22 hours away from Charlotte – so for this reason, I’m very thankful to Excision for throwing down a festival that unites so many great people from all corners of the Earth. As PHISO threw down the aggressive sensations that tunes like “Malevolent”, “Wasteland” and “Sacred Fire” co-produced with Samplifire which really drew on the hearts of many during that beauitful Sunday, I couldn’t help but feel that I should create a special Riddim temple in his and Jeff’s honor – I mean, it was obviously the most sensible thing to do at the time.

  After twenty minutes or so, the temple had become home to so many different baby dinosaurs that I had brought from North Carolina (land of the gnarliest dinos), and a luscious stick of incense to make the day 3 Riddim aroma a little better. All the sudden, different friends from Sam’s crew of cool Canadian kids, started to come up to the temple an add all sorts of random items. A plastic fork, an old lemon (that I eventually threw away, before Riddim Kitty brought it back from the far lands to which I full sent this nasty lemon to), a broken dab cartridge, a green and blue bottle cap, random stickers, the list goes on.

    Eventually I started to build a second temple, because the first one was already looking immaculate! Once again, the wave of Riddim kids started flocking in and adding more love to the second temple – I was truly shocked that they were having as much fun playing with dinosaur and rocks as I was! I began to lay down stickers that read “Happy Lost Lands, Loves You!” to serve as a barrier in hopes that the stragglers would see the pattern before stepping all over our temples. As the third one was done being built, a fine Riddim Kitty made her way to the temple with a massive smile on her face. “You’re hilarious” she said, before the sounds of PHISO’s hit “Jotaro” made their way to the speakers, which made her, and every other Riddim lover in the crowd go crazy. You gotta love the real ones. The crowd absolutely flipped as soon as the infamous words “Yare yare da zay” hit their ears. The entire Wompy Woods was in an absolute uproar, as I’m sure you can imagine.

 To sum up this incredible Dubstep showdown: PHISO completely turned our world upside down, and I really wasn’t sure how most people in the crowd were going to decompress after that outrageously buffed out Bass nightmare that his man had just dished out. I want to give a big shout out to the Edmonton bass killa Anna, the Texas wompy queen Britney, the Toronto Riddim maniac Sam, the Maryland Bass dutchess Ashlie, and Mads the Michigan Marauder, as well as all the other nice folks who helped me build these glorious temples. Riddim Sunday wouldn’t have been the same without you!

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PHISO + Rocks, Is the Answer

– Zyven

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