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Low Frequency Returns For First Show in 2018

Attention all Toronto bass heads! Low Frequency has returned! The first 2018 show for the event series is happening at ROUND venue this coming Friday.

Low Frequency is a bass themed event series focused at giving local DJ’s a chance to showcase skills behind the decks.

Toronto Bass Community (TBC) is the organization behind the parties and has thrown 35 Low Frequency’s to date, with the first one taking place back in May of 2014.

Low Frequency has evolved through the years and has become a staple in Toronto’s bass music scene.

Andrew Harrison helps organize the Low Frequency shows for the TBC and says he would like to take the shows in a new direction for 2018.

He said, “I really want to do more showcase nights. With a little tighter of a scope.”

Instead of having multiple genres, like dubstep, trap and DnB, all in one show, Andrew would like to see a focus towards one sound. This way, people who attend the event can feel a progression of the music throughout the night.

“We will come back to the same type of night but it’s going to be less of every genre at once and more of a certain sound aesthetic for each show. That way we will get to everybody and everybody will get a chance to do what they are best at,” Andrew said.

“This is hopefully going to give people a chance to showcase themselves while being surrounded by people whose sets are going to compliment there’s,” he added.

The lineup is stacked for the upcoming show, with highly anticipated sets by Charlie Zane, Billionz, Big D, and Samo The Mofo.

It’s going to be a night of heavy music with lots of dubstep, riddim, and hybrid trap being thrown into the mix.

According to Andrew, Charlie Zane has a very fast paced energy behind the decks and is super dynamic when it comes to mixing.

He said, “[Charlie Zane] is a quick mixer, he’ll change it up a lot throughout his set. He definitely leans more towards the mainstream spectrum but it’s really hype. He plays the way you would expect from a mainstream headliner and people who attend this show will get that experience.”

An equally awesome set to look out for is Billionz, who previously went by the name “Built-In.” Billionz is a trap DJ with a strong focus on the hybrid sound.

Andrew said, “He’s really fluid so he kind of takes people on a journey. He will probably be the most diverse selection wise, you can’t really predict what he is going to include in his set.”

Come out a little early and watch Big D chop up the decks with a straight riddim set and be there for 10:00 p.m. to hear some super filthy dubstep from Samo The Mofo.

Andrew encourages all fans of bass music to come out, he said it’s a good opportunity to meet new friends and network within the bass scene.

He said, “If you are someone who is looking to get into the scene, this is the best place to come out and meet everyone.”

Tickets are $10 and all who attend get to watch some of the best locals in Toronto, do what they do best.

Andrew said, “All in all it’s going to be a good time. Lots of friends, cheap drinks, and lots of bass.”

To RSVP to the event, click HERE

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