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Malicious Teleports Us To Saturn With the Arterial EP

Something that I find very odd about this earth that we live on is the amount of secrets aliens and extraterrestrial beings that are roaming around everywhere we go. But not everyone has as strong of a connection to the cosmos and the great world beyond Earth as this southern California based producer who goes by the name of Malicious. It was a normal Fall afternoon when I got a special message from my buddy Skipp referring to a very crafty project that I needed to check out – little did I know my ears and body would appreciate the Arterial EP more than what was expected. I never know what kind of sounds to anticipate whenever someone puts me on to some good music, but as a huge fan of FRQ NCY, Thelem, and MeSo, I should have expected this project to be another calling card to my alien bretheren waiting for my return to the cosmos.

Who is Malicious?

A true, enigmatic force of musical talent from the regions making up California’s Bay Area.

A voyager among the stars whose noctilucal space ship can be seen and heard from a thousand galaxies away.

A creatively well composed artist with an audible story to paint.

Malicious breaks his way into your mind with the sounds of “Tunica Íntima” – this tune almost makes me feel like I had just stumbled upon a secret, dark laboratory in an underground city that could only be accessed through an abandoned light house. Sadly I’ve been strapped to a chair by these strange extraterrestrials who looked like they had evil intentions for me. But once they realized that I shared similar elements to their own species, they decided to unstrap me and show them their secret calling card, which were the sound waves embedded in “Tunica Intima” of course.

While I might be making a slight reference to the Bioshock franchise, this tune has the ability of making you feel like you’re looking floating through space with a new species that could have very easily been your mortal enemy. On the other hand “Naberius’s Gate” delivers a much slower and wonkier feel as Malicious drags out his synths with a smooth boom bap type flow. I really enjoy the tribal drums and super Mario sound that came out of nowhere to enhance the party. “Incubus” is certainly my favorite track on the project because of its mystical and bizarre nature that is built up with a series of different drum patterns – and when the drop finally kicks in, a spicy sensation of euphoria takes over your body. Last, but certainly not least is “Desert Runner“, a special up beat, rapid tempo tune that uses a lot of string instruments to paired with Malicious’ sonic rays and alien xylophone – I feel like I just hijacked a speeder bike in Tatooine and now I’m just cruising with my Sith navigator.

This was quite the fun piece to write! Thanks again for putting me on to the great music, Skipp. Expect a bangin’ new tune from Malicious dropping on the new Mission to Mars compilation album on the final day of this decade, only on Charlotte Sessions Audio!

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– Zyven

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