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[Listen Here] Marshmello “Alone” (High Five Society Remix)

     One thing is certain about 2016, Pokemon Go is taking over, 90s movies are coming back to the theaters, and we have two morons running for president. Aside from all that, there’s been an east coast movement in the Electronic Music scene, and hundreds of producers are rapidly growing in the scene. We have a deep appreciation for the mysterious producer running the Marshmello project, and better yet, we truly appreciate his single Alone, which really speaks out to people who are undergoing a weird, new situation that they’re usually not used to. Recently Charlotte production group High Five Society has released their “Forever Alone” remix of Mello’s infamous single. 

    TJ Erkanator is one of the three members of H5S and last month he decided to take a stab at the remix competition for Marshmello’s recent track. Hundreds, if not thousands of people entered this competition, and while H5S’s version wasn’t placeholder, we really enjoyed the little Charlotte twist that was added to the remix. Check out the remix below, and if you freaked out and yelled “Oh Sh*t” when the lazers kick in, tweet us @CLTSessions and tell us!


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