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Meagan Hillyer Teams Up with Born I Music To Deliver a Special New Single!

I remembered her as the cute girl from CLUSTXR Music Festival who was making sure everyone at the rail stayed hydrated. It’s not hard to spot Meagan Hillyer at a social event because, at times, her energy radiates more than music – and you can see that smile from at least ten miles away! A few weeks later, I saw a post on Facebook about Meagan having some vinyl records of her original tracks being created. At this moment, I realized that this ball of sunshine from Ohio had a lot more to share with this world than a few drops of water and some good laughs. Meagan Hillyer is %100 dedicated to creating music that will be shared and appreciated for years to come.

As fate had it written out in the stars, a very inspiring musician from the DMV area, who goes by the name of Born I Music, reached out to the young singer and guitarist about working on a track together. I’ll never forget the moment that Born I stormed through the door of the green room at CLUSTXR – everyone in the room shifted their attention to this unknown (to me) individual who immediately flashed a smile that consumed the entire room. It was almost as if he knew everybody in the room! Tessa and Matt from Arius were among the first people to show him love – and after fifteen minutes I still had no idea who he was.

All of the sudden, the tall and charismatic figure started telling a story about working with Bassnectar, and he started rapping the lyrics to “I’m Up” – the Fishnectar (as I like to call him) nerd inside of me immediately yelled “Yo you’re Born I Music! I was going to write an article about you and the other EDM rappers in the scene!” Needless to say, I had an incredible encounter with the versatile and creative rapper. I told him to stick his hand out and put one of my new designs on his thumb finger – the ring couldn’t have fit any better!

In return, Born put a very unique and special Tibetan bead charm around my wrist. This was by far, one of my favorite memories of 2018. Anyways, Born I and Meagan Hillyer teamed up with a French producer named Tenka to bring forth a beautiful new single that is sure to get those feels moving in the right direction. I love you guys! Thank you for being such special individuals, and thank you for blessing this world with your tunes.

I thought that it would be a nice touch to get a little input from Meagan about her experience working with Born I on this beautiful new tune, this is what she had to say:

Honestly born and I had been talking here and there, and about 6 months or so later we started working on this project together! I think Tenka (he is a DJ from France!) already had the beat produced and Born thought I would fit well on the project! He wrote his lyrics, and I wrote my own for my part! At first born gave me some lyrics and asked me what I could do vocally with them. Then once he heard what I had in mind, he gave me the green light to write a chorus line with full creative reign – no concept was really set in stone then. Once I sent him over my lyrics, he loved what the message had to bring and couldn’t wait to add his part as well!

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As Long as Born I and Meagan Keep on Singin’, The Earth Will Never Stop Spinnin’
– Zyven

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