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Merry Merry Wooksmas! [We’re Hosting a December Alien Gathering]

December is right around the corner – what better way to celebrate the Winter Holiday than with a special new edition of So We Heard You’re a Wook: a Very Spicy Christmas. Volume 2 of our Wook series will feature a selection of two very special, Experimental artists who have releases on the Spicy Bois, The Untz, Abysmal Entities, FUXWITHIT, among other epic labels. Now presenting..

Just John
Coming in hot all the way from the beautiful mountains of Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada is the one and only Just John. He’s been on my radar ever since my brother Zian showed me his tune “Bruh VIP”, which inspired me to write this spicy story.

The Spicy producer has been crushing the Underground bass scene for quite some time, and we are extremely proud to bring him to the Carolinas for his debut. For a glimpse into the life of Just John, we suggest you explore the Perfect Number EP.


A true to heart creator from the wonkier side of Bass music, shwiLLy has quickly proven that his sound is among the strangest and most peculiar to emerge in the Wonkosphere this past year alone. This might very well be one of the most unique performances to ever hit the Carolinas to date. Tunes like “4eva Fresh,” “Wooked on a Feeling.” Come celebrate with shwiLLy as we slowly approach the end of the decade. His North Carolina debut will be one for the books. (Guess which alien is shwiLLy and which one is Cnopes.)


He may not be a rasta, but he sure does love eating a big bowl of pasta – especially when he’s making fresh tunes like “Dirty Pasta” and “Bass Planet” to get the crowd shaking. Dredlok is no freshmen to scene – he’s been practicing his craft for several years now, and if you manage to catch him on the right day, he’ll bust out the didgeridoo, saxophone, or some fun string instrument and do some absolute musical witchcraft. Get ready for a very special performance my friends.


We have had the absolute pleasure working with the New Jersey sly dog of the year, Joneses, on some our previous endeavors at SERJ. Whether its supporting him at his first show in Charlotte with G-Rex and Lucii or joining forces to bring forth the MeSo, Cnopes, and Angelic Root North Carolina debut, it has been an absolute adventure seeing this guy grow, learn and prosper. On top of hosting fire wub fiestas, Joneses is an exceptional producer as well – here’s his new tune “Rewind” live on the Tuff Collective Volume 2 Compilation.

Clutch Panda

It’s no secret that Myrtle Beach’s Clutch Panda is a mastermind on the ones and twos. He’s been on our radar ever since my brother Danny first started telling me about him. It just goes to show that patience is a true virtue. Clutch Panda has been wanting to perform at one of our shows ever since the homies over at Dirt Sounds and I announced our OG Nixin show. Clutch Panda got to bring his weird experimental style to the Queen City and the crowd absolutely loved it. When we asked Joneses who he wanted to go back to back with at our Spicy Christmas Wook gathering, he said that he could put on a fire show with Clutch Panda. So low and behold, with the power of Joneses and CP, we’ve got a serious b2b set coming for you all this Winter holiday!

Kold Drip

I think its safe to say that if I hadn’t met Kold Drip last year, I would have been a lot hungrier and a lot less financially secure than I truly was. This man helped me get my foot into the door of the world of Spanish medical interpretation, which has been a true blessing and adventure. Recently, Nick decided it was finally time to feed into his curiosity, and he got a mixer and a set of tunes and started practicing. While I haven’t had the chance to see him spin live, (except for thirty seconds at our last show with Anodic) Kold Drip will be mixing his futuristic bass friendly style with non other than my good friend, Bassjerm. Enjoy “The Last Mothership Ride” for a special wook experience featuring tunes by one of the most recognizable wooks around.


It’s been quite some time since my brother Jeremy has played a Charlotte Sessions show, so when Kold Drip told me that he wanted to go back to back with Bassjerm, I couldn’t help but flash a huge smile on this tired face of mine. Bassjerm performed at the very first edition of So We Heard You Like Dubstep, and even though he showed up thirty seconds before his set and nearly gave me a heart attack, it was still an incredible performance. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got this December Bassjerm!

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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