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Punk Rock Band “Rancid” Release Thrilling New Single!

Rancid is returning to their roots!

      Punk rock exited the public eye many years ago. It’s been over twenty years since Rancid entered the limelight with their album “…And Out Came the Wolves” which made a landmark in the 90s punk rock era. That record contained memorable songs like “Time Bomb,” “Ruby Soho,” and “Fall Back Down,”that earned significant attention from radio and MTV.
 Earlier this year, the Bay Area punk band came out with a rockin’ new single. When the grungy sounds of “Ghost of a Chance” hit my eardrums, I find myself transported back to the early days of the punk revolution of the 90s that forged the music scene into the incredible source of inspiration we draw from today.  The lyrics provoke a sense of hope that would inspire the most pessimistic of cynics to pursue their ambitions, be it in music or the overall hardships of life in general. Nihilists and anarchists have always maintained their place in punk rock; however, I admire those who can produce the uplifting music that has the effect of drastically encouraging the average person to rise above and beyond the standardized expectations of life.

    Not only does Rancid maintain the energetic tempo most fans anticipate when putting together a melodic punk rock record, but they offer their particular style of clean harmonies, exceptionally well executed drum patterns, mixed with Tim Armstrong’s unique vocals. Any fan of Rancid or their contemporaries should be excited about their newest album and can check out “Ghost of a Chance” HERE!

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