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Miami Late Night Discovery: YOWLR x KaBass

      Someone told me that walking around the streets of Miami at six in the morning may not be the smartest idea, but this special late night journey allowed me to discover a new tune that I never knew existed – I’m beyond excited to share this special creation with all of you because I know it’ll get you grooving the way you deserve to. There’s no doubt in my mind that Illinois is filled with talented musicians throughout every corner of the state, and KaBASS is no exception.

(Edit: This article was started months ago and never finished, so please enjoy the wonky sounds of “The Path” featuring YOWLR, a true blessing to the Illinois Bass scene.)

The universe works in mysterious ways. I received a friend request on Facebook from Brady, the man behind the KaBASS project – I knew that this was a sign that I needed to share his sound with my friends and supporters, and FINISH my story. If you enjoyed “The Path“, then I have no doubt in my soul that you will enjoy KaBASS’ newest collaboration that was recently dropped on the Wub Plug. “Abduction” is a twisted take on this dark reality that we experience on a daily basis, but slightly morphed because of a few chemicals that you probably weren’t expecting to consume. KaBASS got a lot of love and support from a fellow Springfield producer name FUNhouse. Where would we be in this world without teamwork? Get weird with me and smash that play button below.

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– Zyven
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