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Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ “Psychosis” Leaves Behind Decimated Bodies

In the dark beneath the world you will find ancient cold beasts… And madness!” echoes the voice of a mysterious, evil creature from the netherworld. Suddenly, a grotesque, crunchy, and forceful growl snaps in your face quicker than your friends trying to wake you up from a drunk slumber because Midnight Tyrannosaurus is about to hit the stage. Hopefully this won’t be the case for anyone planning on attending the Florida based producer’s concert in Charlotte on Friday, April 13th. For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with Midnight T, to sum him up, he’s a dark action thriller screenwriter turned producer, and every one of his tunes make listeners feel like they’re the lead role in one of his mystifying films. His most recent single, titled “Psychosis” is littered with gnarly, ferocious sounds and random jargon from the evil Overseer of these beasts. I would certainly recommend smashing that play button below to get a glimpse of this creature’s new productions.

     It’s been almost ten months since Midnight Tyrannosaurus last smashed North Carolina into pieces. However last time he was joined by the likes of bass mongrel Megalodon and Queen City veteran, Crowell. This special Create. curated show was something out of the ordinary. But now Midnight T. is coming to the biggest city in the state, and instead playing a venue like the Neighborhood Theater or the Fillmore, the Dubstep dinosaur will be performing at upscale WorldNightclub, with direct support from rising Charlotte based all-star producer, Ouza.

Another word of advice, grab some snaxx, a beer, and your headbanger buddies before chucking out Midnight T’s New One EDM Guest mix below. You’re welcome. See you all at the show! ?

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