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Minnesota Plays Dangerous Games With New Single “Hi-Low”

Well, well, well, what do we have here? As if a closing set at Imagine Festival in a firey stage setting known as Incendia, wasn’t deadly enough already, psy-bass producer Minnesota just obviously loves impressing his fans. What did he do this time you say?

 If you’ve been around any zaney friends who are obsessed with wonky, spaced out, hypnotic Bass music, then they’ve probably played this nasty new new by the don himself. I was personally introduced to this one over a snapchat video, where I interrupted my daily 6:00 am Riddim yoga routine to peep the heaviness that is HiLow.” I know, I know. You’re wondering to yourself, “Did Minnesota play this spicy tuna at Nightmare Festival?” Folks I’m happy to say that several thousand space creatures were able to enjoy the likes of “HiLow” through that monstrous Maryland based soundsystem. Let me just stop talking so you can click that play button below, and stream Minnesota’s hottest new single, cause it’s time boogie-oogie-oogie!

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