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Minnesota Strikes Back With New “CURIO EP”

   It’s beyond time that I shed light on an piece of art that one of the finest Electronic Bass Music producers has created to date. Minnesota is a Berkeley bred producer who has, from a production and live performance aspect, dominated the Underground Bass scene for years now. My first time seeing this monster in a live setting was at Counterpoint Music Festival in early 2015, during broad daylight with absolutely zero visuals or lasers. I strictly remember that set being one hundred percent about the dancing and the music. Later on that year I caught Minnesota destroy a headlining show with Illenium, before the entire world caught on and made Illenium the highly sought after performer he is today. But I digress, this article isn’t about how much you love Illenium, or about how Minnesota closed out the first night of Imagine Music Festival last year at the Incendia stage – no, it’s about the man’s newest project to date, the Curio EP.

The Merriam-Webster definition of the word curio is “something (such as a decorative object) considered novel, weird, or bizarre.” Once you enter into the mystical, tantalizing, creative world crafted by artists like Minnesota, Psymbionic, and Liquid Stranger, embracing all that is curio becomes a natural motion. Minnesota’s newest Curio EP is a unique, finely crafted compilation of how his craft is always expanding, growing, and evolving.

    The introductory song from the new project, “Edge” lays a nice foundation for entire project. For the most part, it’s Serene, calm, and intriguing, and Minnesota still manages to wiggle in some heavy parts. The second track of the EP, “Technique” is by far my favorite project that the Cali producer has created as of late. The way the track builds up with a range of different synths before a loud confident voice shout “When you sweat the Technique.” Within seconds the loud, bass heavy growl makes me think that Cookie Monsta had something to do with the creation of this track. I also really like the guitar riffs sprinkled throughout the song, it definitely added a grungy yet melodic drive.

  The third track“Dark Crystal” immediately made me feel like I was in a Middle Eastern club in some cheesy action film. But the gorgeous, angelic, almost tribal sounding voices are a nice touch to the spacelike tone of the entire track. This is definitely Minnesota’s most “out there” track of the Curio EP. The fourth track, “Desert Diamond” is a slow, wonkified, rhythmic Deep Dub banger sprinkled with just the right amount of Trap like sounds – its definitely a testament to this man’s production skill. (+10 points for the snakecharm flute).

   Last but not least is a gloriously heavy VIP (remodification) of Minnesota’s infamous 2017 single “HiLow.” Except, instead of just changing a few aspects of the track like many VIPs on SoundCloud, Minnesota went ahead and added an artistically respectable introduction before completely changing the entire genre of this fan fvorite. The minute thirty marker suddenly created an unexpected Drum N Bass audible masterpiece that will have you grooving quicker than you can imagine. I feel like everyone deserves to experience the Curio EP – so do the world a favor and share this article with a friend! See you all at in the pits of the Garden.

 If you like what you hear, you can catch Minnesota performing these, along with many other hit tunes, LIVE at the Digital Gardens Music Festival, taking place in Charlotte on 4/20 weekend. You won’t want to miss this massive performance. These new songs will certainly smack you down on a real sound system.

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