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Minnesota Wakes Sleepers With Bass Heavy Melodic Single, “Devour”

Within just seconds of this incredibly complex piece of art, Berkeley, CA beat-maker & underground legend, Minnesota reminds listeners of the astounding production aptitude that gave him his crown.

The track’s intro resonates deeply with a timeless acoustic texture, and brilliantly displays the musical integrity of veteran producer/innovator Christian Bauhofer. Forcing me to re-explore his discography since the beginning of the Minnesota project, Bauhofer delivers genuine artistic soul on par with the place he holds in the genre. As the main guitar riff’s phasing resonance thumps cleanly within the dreamlike melodic atmosphere building around it, Bauhofer subtly uncovers the entire frequency range until it crescendos into a beat drop that crashes down in an instant with ferocious heart and rhythmic tenacity.

Proving his transcendence to any non-believer, Minnesota effectively displays emotional grit with a captivating display of compositional and sound design expertise that will surely tug on any basshead’s heart strings while at the same time forcing their faces to pucker in response to it’s utter filth.

Before the build up to the second drop, the master musician strips away each element, leaving an ominous pulsing arpeggio which brilliantly adds to the track’s melodic tension. As the arp builds, Bauhofer re-introduces each layer seamlessly and with expert timing. One of my favorite elements of this piece is the raw timbre of the acoustic guitar, which adds a fresh and inventive acoustic atmosphere to the emotion I believe Minnesota is attempting to convey.

Similar to the first drop, each element is brought into the mix at just the right moment, adding to the increasing energy of the atmosphere around it. It’s hard to explain with words why the second build is so incredible, but when it finally drops, the listener is greeted by half a bar of gorgeous synth layers that are suddenly cut off by the grimiest of bass flows. Minnesota presents elaborate texture and emotion throughout the rest of the track by alternating the lush synth chords and booming bass grooves; seemingly narrating a struggle between light and dark.

Unbeknownst to me this legend has been steadily releasing banger after banger, and it’s the track “Lattice” that I really could not believe I had missed. I wont go into it because there’s an entire novel that could be said about that one, but be sure to check it out… You won’t regret it.

I don’t normally find myself writing about producers of this caliber, but since I was sleeping on his new music, I thought maybe some others might be as well. Take this chance to explore the entirety of Minnesota’s discography up to this point, because I found some amazing stuff I hadn’t heard before.

His own career has not been his only focus however. In just the first year of his label Outer Realms being in existence, Minnesota has released several projects from some of the most talented artists in bass music. You better believe it has absolutely erupted with fire, featuring a handful of tracks from Pigeon Hole, Tvboo, Abelation, and many others. I can assure that if you enjoy diving into the finer musical journeys of electronica, Outer Realms will leave you drowning in low frequency gems and re-evaluating your understanding of this dimension.

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