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Minnesota Tears Down Charlotte W/ Illenium! (Concert Review)

One Last Epic Show Before The Closing,

     It’s tragic to hear that the home for so many incredible electronic music concerts is closing down. Since arriving in Charlotte, we’ve seen the likes of Keys N Krates, Herobust, Brillz, Snails and Downlink

among others. Last week we added another fantastic show to our Chop Shop calendar. Charlotte promotions and event company SoGnar Presents linked up with the Chop Shop to bring out none other than Santa Cruz DJ, Minnesota, accompanied with Denver’s very own Illenium, to rock out the Queen City. I decided to skip college night and head to this banger instead.

     I tend to show up last minute to a lot of events I go to, and that kind of cost me most of Illenium’s set. But I still caught a glimpse of what the Imagine Music Festival performing artist had in store for Charlotte. I enjoyed watching him go back and forth from his mixer to his electronic drum pads; it almost seems like Illenium is a drummer gone EDM. Very few people have figured out how to successfully combine the two talents into a live show. By the time I showed up I feel like he had gone through the more hype parts of his set. I suppose I experienced the melodic finish to what was probably a totally hyped out set filled with heavy kicks and intense snares. I’m almost certain I caught Illenium play this one.

     Soon after Illenium wrapped up his set, the highly anticipated act of the evening wandered onto the stage and the lights began to dim. Sporting a Minnesota Twins jacket, the master producer looked at his Charlotte audience bearing a big grin and got the night started with a chopped version of Drake’s Trophies, which I’ve been looking for everywhere on the internet. Minnesota had the recipe figured out, or maybe he just slowed it down the track while playing it live? Whatever he did, he knew those trumpets at the start of the song combined with a deep, dark filter over Drake’s voice would get everyone hyped back up again. And transitioning into Flux Pavilion’s hit Gold Love was spot on — exactly what the crowd was looking for.

Minnesota Charlotte

     At times hes slowed things down and played some calmer songs to give everyone, myself included, a chance to catch their breath again after countless minutes of jumping and stopping all throughout the venue. But then when you least expected it, Minnesota would play something hype, like a remix to Danny Brown’s Break It to get everyone going mental again. There’s no doubt that the electronic music producer is a big fan of the Detroit hipster rapper. The first time we saw yung Minnesota play was in Kingston Downs in front of a crowd of thousands with a just a few lights and absolutely no visuals at the Counterpoint Music and Arts Festival back in May; I remember counting at least two maybe even three Danny Brown songs in his set. For the better part of 90 minutes people were pouring in to the Chop Shop to catch whatever was left of Minnesota’s epic set.

Minessota Counterpoint
Minnesota At Counterpoint

     Along with plenty of cool rap remixes, we got to hear some crowd favorites off his homie G Jones’ summer trippy techno EP, as well as some of Minnesota’s own collabs with G Jones like this one called Orbitaland a track off Minnesota’s 2014 EP Voyager called Thunderdome, which was remixed by a multitude of producers ranging from Manic Focus to ill.gates to the most popular version by trapmaster Buku. Here’s a short a clip of Minnesota playing some of that soothing, electronic fire.

All in all, I had a blast that night. Minnesota & Illenium, thank you for playing so hard for our city, and Chop Shop, thank you for hosting so many memorable concerts and events throughout the past years. Your memory will live on in the deep depths of the internet as bloggers and music fans will search for these legendary Chop Shop shows for years to come.

Also, Minnesota just released a new track featuring vocalist Jackie Rain, it’s called “Colors.” Listen to it here.

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–   Zyven

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