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MISSING Festival Season? EDC Orlando Has the Remedy!

     If you’re anything like me, you cringe at the thought of the Fall season approaching! But of course, this has nothing to do with the weather – I like a cool breeze, passive sun and orange leaves as much as the next guy, but I don’t like the thought of Festival Season coming to an end. After having traveled to so many parts of our beautiful nation to embark on as many weekend long musical adventures as possible, the time where the whole world slows down to recoup is now among us. But a certain Carnival is making sure that we all get our proper November Festival experience. Here’s a little five week reminder that EDC Orlando is just around the corner!

     The Electric Daisy Carnival experience, originally organized and created in California almost two decades ago. But in 2011, East Coasters finally had their wishes granted as EDC found homage in the beautiful city Orlando, a classic stomping ground for massive culture bridging festivities for the entire world to experience. For over seven years, live music aficionados have been traveling wide and far to gather at Tinker Field for this massive two day, Carnival themed music festival extravaganza. Whether you’re heading to EDC Orlando to check out some favorite world class EDM and Bass music producers, get together with some far-away friends, or simply to play some Carnival games games and hop on rides while Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Bassnectar, and Ganja White Night are performing five hundred feet away, there is surely something that will make your heart jump for joy at Tinker Field this November.

While this will be my first Electric Daisy Carnival experience, I have quite a few friends who have made it all the way to Las Vegas and Orlando to check out the festivities for themselves. Their stories about the glorious lights and extreme visual, extravagant rides and activities, massive stage production and extremely loud bass have gotten me excited for my own journey. But let’s not forget one of the main reasons we go to any “Music Festival”… The Music!! EDC Orlando features a fantastically diverse lineup that will have all ravers, ragers, headbangers and waistbenders spinning in circles of joy. Let’s take a look!

What a massively diverse list of musicians for all of us to enjoy! If I had to pick my absolute top picks of the weekend, I would have to say Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Badklaat, MalaaDillon Francis, Ganja White Night, Jayceeoh, Moody Good, Joyryde, Bassnectar, Space Jesus, and Pendulum! On the other hand, I’ve never seen Martin Garrix, Moksi, and Vini Vici, among a handful of other top notch producers worth checking out. What about you? Who are some of your highly anticipated acts of the weekend! We’ll see you at Tinker Field this October 9th and 10th! Don’t forget, just because it’s Fall doesn’t mean you should leave your swim suit at home. You never know when you might want to go on a swim, so BRING IT.

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Will I see you at the Electric Daisy Carnival?


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