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Bass Effects Artist Spotlight: NOizOn

It’s really strange how this universe works. When my brothers Josh and Tyler reached out to me about hosting a show in Charlotte, I had no idea that they were going to put me on to some the NASTIEST producers from the West Coast of this incredible nation. February 7th will never be the same.

*Cue NOizOn*

The Missing Links are a crew and collective of producers from Reno, Nevada who have an absolute knack for creating some of the wonkiest sounds that you never knew existed. While there are so many phenomenal producers from this collective that we could name, today I would like to focus on non other than NOizON.

I can see why the pioneers wanted to migrate west – the energy over there is absolutely astounding, and it definitely morphs the way NOizON develops his sound. I literally feel like im being abducted by a pack of Martians in a flying saucer just to be taken to a secret Bass show in another galaxy. Listen to “Countdown” to see if you feel the same. This man might claim that he’s from Reno, but he definitely carries some intergalactic qualities that make me question his true origins.

While “Countdown is a truly wild tune that he and Yungknwn (who now goes by Cancel) released on the Missing Links, NOizON has also managed to drop a heater with the Spicy Bois called “Evacuate” just a little over a year ago. It sounds like some folks got caught up in some nasty business. They’re barely hanging on to their lives as they stake out in a warehouse, and they’re nearly out of supplies. The following two minutes of sounds paint a picture of what that warehouse looked like upon mistakenly allowing the virus stricken victims to come in. But don’t you fret, the survivors actually found Lazer guns and whips, so they’re totally fine. The effected who were trying to eat their brains? Not so much.

NOizON even has a really filthy remix of Space Laces‘ wild tune “D.A.W” – he gives it that extra spicy crunch that makes the room go crazy. I really like how this guy has managed to master the art of crafty and peculiar musical production.

I asked NOizON “What are you most excited about for your North Carolina debut performance?”

I’m definitely most excited for showcasing my unreleased music in a new area to see the reactions of the people but I’m also excited to meet everyone who was able to make this event happen and even get The Missing Links heard out there. Without the them I wouldnt be able to have this debut performance.

I can’t wait to see him perform in North Carolina for the first time in less than two weeks. Watch out ladies and gentlemen, NOizON is coming for you (and he’s ready to get the party jumpin’!) You can Purchase Tickets to see NOizION’s North Carolina debut with Cancel on February 7th!

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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