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Mohno Creates One of the Greatest Mixes of All Time

Looking back at the past forty five days is an absolute trip. One minute I’m making friends from all over the country at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival, next minute I’m listening to the governor of Florida telling me that the restaurant I proud just started working for shut down. What I’ve learned is that during these harsh times, we most come to appreciate every aspect of life that makes us smile as much as possible. The motivation behind this beautiful Saturday is music and friendship.

It seems like the universe has blessed me with some great new friendships. I ended up meeting these four awesome guys from the military at Forbidden Kingdom, and my life hasn’t been the same ever since. When you click with someone, you click. Real recognizes real as the great Huey Freedman once said. It’s now April 4th – I decided to move back home because it was the safest plan. But on my way home I decided to stop in Savannah to visit my friends. My brother Factory Reset and I decided to visit our boy Pharoah at the nearby base for a well deserved visit, and after listening to the RIDDIM$4LUVRZ mix that Pennsylvannia legend Mohno dropped on Charlotte Sessions Audio, I realized how lucky I am to have a friend like Mohno in my life. Now let’s break down her debut mix because it was absolutely one of the best ensembles of Riddim and flow that I have ever heard.

I actually would much rather not say a word about the mix – I would much rather you hear this masterpiece from start to finish. If you’re a fan of Mohno already, then you will absolutely love every aspect of this mix. If you find yourself enjoying weird alien sounds, Riddim synths, and that impactful Hip-Hop flow, then you will also find yourself dancing around wherever you may be when you first hit that play button. There may even be a few spicy doubles lined up in there for all of you 😉

We hope you enjoy RIDDIM$4LUVRZ as much as possible!

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