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If I had to sit down and describe my first experience at one of Milwonky’s finest venues in existence in just one hundred words, I would probably throw the word “Riddim” in there 17 times, “Dope” about 15 “Stylish” maybe around 5, “Sexy” about 30, and He$H, 2FAC3D, Kleavr, Wisco Disco Beauties” at least 3 a piece, and then I lose count after that because I’m not very good at math. Too many awesome things can be said about the Miramar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – and if you walk in with the right crew of Wisco Lost Lands wifeys, Green Bay homies, and a rowdy gang of Rockford, IL headbangers, while running into Forest and Okechobee fam, then you’re certainly in store for a fantastic night.

    I’m very grateful to have a few friends that can call Milwaukee their home because I love visiting my friends all over the country. But a certain feeling of pride, safety, and self empowerment runs through your body whenever you cross that border from Lake County, Illinois into the beautiful wanderlust that is Milwaukee. Maybe it’s the cleanliness of the state of Wisconsin, the love that is put into every ounce of locally made beer, or the wonderful, kindred spirit that seems to posses almost everyone that I’ve crossed paths with in the Cheese state – I can name a hundred reasons why I love coming here. While I can’t say that the nasty, nasty, He$H show at the Mar was the reason that brought me to Milwonky, I’m certainly grateful that my friends made me aware of this filthy, Riddim packed opportunity to visit one of their favorite venues.

  It soon came time to leave my friend Amanda’s house and take a little stroll over to the Mar, my heart filed with joy – I was with the right people, at the right show, and at a perfect time where Okeechobee and Electric Forest fam made an appearance just to give me a hug (and maybe headbang to some He$H mane). While it took me a few hours to get my bearings and find the right guy, I wound up modeling for the venue owner Aaron, as be snapped a pic of my snazzy North Carolina Riddim Profesor jacket, which turned into me asking if I could take pictures at the show. Well low and behold folks, my first trip to the Mar was much more successful than I imagined.

When we finally hit the dancefloor, we were greeted by this young, spongy haired bass monster who goes by the name of Chromadubz. I was smiling the entire time because this Dub loved reminded me of my buddy Damian from New Orleans who was the literal life of the party in our Electric Forest mini family. The Northwest Indiana based producer threw in a verity of low frequency heaters that turned the crowd into a complete wonk swamp – his tune “Nimbus” surely put me in the right state of mind.

  The following hour was filled with nothing but pure Bass tyranny, as the Chicago Boys 2FAC3D and Kleavr hopped up on stage to throw down their favorite mix of brain melting Dubstep bangers. The Windy City spirit was flowing beautifully off stage, as the duo seamlessly transitioned with their long dreaded haired bass peer to let him chop up his own selection of neck cranking tunes. I found myself Riddim walking into random friends all over the building during this intensely well orchestrated performance – too man times did I look over at my friend Elizabeth and yell something outrageous about how hard they going. “I know Zyven, I know.” she would say. A few huge 2FAC3D tunes that you all should check out include “Isolation” and Death” – as for Kleavr, you should definitely listen to “Deadly Vengeance“, “Ayahuasca 2017” and “Bitch Mode“. I look forward to seeing these guys throw down once again!

    Up next was the special moment that we had all been waiting for. While I thought I was going to get to pick up where I left off in DC, by taking Monxx to some local casino to wild out. In this case it would have been the Potawatomi in Milwaukee – but the Bass gods had a completely different plan in store for all of us! Apparently He$H was in Illinois playing some other nasty show with Blunts and Blondes, or someone of that sorts, before making his way straight to Milwaukee to earn another check and most importantly, play in front of a very hungry and dedicated crowd of headbangers. Once Kleavr and 2FAC3D wrapped up their sets, the moment of truth smacked everyone in the face as soon as a skinny figure with poofy hair and a chain wrapped around his neck, wearing a shirt that read DubHub, popped up on stage with a slight deadly grin that meant he was ready for business. The nineteen year old fuego producer known as HE$H spared no time in kicking off his performance by throwing down a brand new single that carried that unique, mechanoid raunchy sound that resonate with your soul whenever you listen to a tune made by this wild Texan.

    If Pimp C (rest in peace) and Bun B were still touring all over the world, they would need a guy like HE$H to take over, because he’s studied that deep Texas HipHop history that influences many of his musical productions – he also knows how to turn a gathering into an absolute mad house. The last person who I had witness integrate HipHop with Bass music in such a seamless manner was Crizzly at Imagine Festival in 2015, so believe me when I say that I was more than happy to get my Riddim walk on, all over the Miramar as HE$H busted some dirty southern spat lyrics over his gruesome production skills.

     It didn’t take more than ten minutes of strolling around the Miramar to notice that the bass girls and gents roll deep in Milwaukee – everyone has fun getting dressed, they love setting the right energy in the room, and most importantly, they know how to dance. I looked over at my Lost Lands fam, Ani, Ari, Amanda and Marina, and yelled “I get it!” as I stood in awe of the amazing vibes that were flowing throughout the room. The Miramar is absolutely amazing, and when heavy hitters like HE$H roll through, you can’t help but leave all the bullsh*t at the door and show your rave neighbors a good time. It was awesome seeing everyone gather in unison and chant the famous lyrics of “Pull Up”, even I was slightly excited about pulling out my gunfingers and screaming about my imaginary big bank rolls. HE$H also threw in a few crowd favorites such as “Mike Tyson“, “3RDCOAST” and “Gucci with the Mink” to stir up the pot of course. I was in Dubstep heaven, and so were all of my friends – we couldn’t have asked for a better night of music.

I want to give one big final thank you to The Miramar, 2FAC3D, Kleavr, Chromadubz, all my Wisconsin friends and family, and most importantly, HE$H for pulling through at the last minute, YOU GUYS ROCK. Until next Wisco – stay fresco!

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– Zyven

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