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Monxx Proves Washington DC He’s Here to Stay [Concert Review]

      You know that feeling you get whenever you head out of town to one of your favorite vacation spots that instantly gives you that feeling of warmth, comfort, and simply feeling like you’re on top of the world, as if you never truly left home? That’s how I feel whenever I visit DC and Baltimore, two of the most notorious cities in this nation for crime and drugs. However, it’s all about the people that you’re spending time with and the unique activities that you experience together, like a Riddim show with some of the hottest acts in the scene. Needless to say, both cities flaunt their own culture in their own way, and once you hit the dance floor, it definitely shows. (Shout out to Inmotion Event Photography for the amazing photos).

  Recently I had the chance to head back to the DMV for one last showdown before the school semester comes to a close. One of my favorite DMV promotional groups, MushMouth Media, worked effortlessly in putting together this recent edition of their underground Role Modelz event featuring non other than the infamous Riddim bandit from Peterborough, Cambridge, mister MONXX. But a driving force for choosing this particular Monxx show out of the many East Coast shindig he’s recently performed, was the stacked line up that included many friendly names such as Sektah, Gram Greene and Syfer. That six hour drive didn’t seem like much when I knew I was coming in hot for a wild night. Let’s break down why this adventure in our nation’s capital was such a thrilling experience.

 I was a little anxious to get inside after just having lost some cash at the Maryland Live! casino about 20 miles north of the venue, but sadly I spent what seemed like an eternity trying to find proper parking into the DC Eagle. That was until I saw my buddy Alex from Northern Virginia who told me about a free parking deck up the street. We were in the clear. To my surprise, I heard someone shout my name on my way to the venue. I’ve seen this familiar face at multiple events like Basscenter and Nightmare Festival, and every encounter is filled with nothing but positive vibes. If you ever see a huge dude sporting a custom purple Mushmouth Media shirt and a dapper smile, who goes by the name of Moses, tell him Zyven said, “What It Is Mo!

    I made my way through the back entrance of the DC Eagle I found myself climbing up multiple stairways to get to the ticket booth, where I was immediately received by a dude who said “Let me hear a riddle” I was madly confused and realized I must have met this guy at Nightmare Festival, where I was going around giving people free candy, stickers and some priceless Riddim factoids if they could guess a riddle. The Riddim Professor outfit must have given it away. It wasn’t long till I was on the top floor of the venue, as I joined hundreds of headbangers who were beyond thrilled to catch the special performers of the evening.

  How do you feel when you see a homie who you haven’t caught up with in a good while? Like life is blessing you with the gift of creating new memories with those homies. After maneuvering my way through the crowd, I popped up on stage to surprise mis long lost amigos, Jared and Milton, also known as DCs favorite out-of-town Riddim monsta, the Mac daddy from Fort Collins, Colorado, Sektah & that crazy son of a giant squiddim from Jersey, Gram GreeneSektah was already posted up behind the decks, throwing down incredible amounts of bass for the massive crowd raging before our eyes. The next ten minutes laid the true foundation for the evening. I gave Milton the biggest bear hug imaginable, and as I was catching up with my latino brother in Riddim, I saw Musmouth’s head honcho, Dan Shmoe pop up on stage – my second bear hug of the night was much longer than the first, because I freaking love Dan. I’ll never forget the day I met him – he ran up to some stranger from North Carolina who snuck his camera inside the Riddim show and said “Dude, who are you?! Thank you for taking photos!” From that moment on, the Charlotte Sessions and Mushmouth Media became life long basshead compadres.

 Then all of a sudden, this tall, sporty looking dude came up to and introduced himself as Josh, I was in such a daze of excitement that I was back home, before I realized that I had just met the man of the hour, the Wizard, the Monster, Monxx. I thought it was pretty neat that the big bad Monxx , who the internet loves to smack talk, was so open to chatting randoms up and making friends with everyone around him. Within a couple of minutes of meeting, I had Josh pumped and ready to head over to the MGM Casino to get buck once the show was over. My advice to all the haters is simple, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, that’s not what Riddim is about.

   Alright, let’s talk about all the insane amounts of double drops we heard throughout the night. My new buddy Josh and I went up to the front to rage out to the freshly twenty one year old snowman named Sektah. This man has one of the nastiest abilities to make headbangers scream “OHHHH” at pretty much every point of any set he performs. When he steps up to the bat, he knows exactly what to play to melt some beautiful rave faces. All it takes is two minutes of a Sektah set to bring out the stank face. I felt blessed being able to witness my second Sektah set in one year; out of all the DJs out there that Mushmouth could bring to their shows, they have just as much appreciation for the Colorado badmon as I do.

   I feel like sporting his Savage Society hoodie brought out some special double drops that this animal came up with on the fly, such as Flux Pavilion’s “Gold Dust” with Badklaat’s “Head Crush.” A quick spin back led into “Yascrush” double dropping with Ganon’s Kaneki” before introducing a third track, the special “Dynasty VIP” by LA based producer RAWTEE that we wrote about a few weeks ago! Coming up next was a dirty double drop of Badphaze “Monster Land” with a special by the German nightmare, INFEKT called “Blockalorg.” But my favorite part was when Sektah dropped a remix of INFEKT’s “Double Arcade” called “Dark Arcade” along with the infamous tripe collab “Filter Output” by the main Savage, BlankfaceSubfiltronik and Badphaze.

     Sektah doesn’t know how to stop feeding firepower heaters to his fans, all he plays are bangers and I’m honestly okay with that. We got to hear some massive tunes by artists like Hizzleguy, LV, Stinkahbell and Jakes. I was thrilled to hear that sexy Flix, Motus and 5Ohman collab, “Lowest” along with the ever so famous 2000EMU by Haunta and Invictous. Also, who can pass up a sweet tune by a few members of the Nang Gang, with Chibs and Duffeey’s hit “Merkin.” No matter what Sektah threw at the crowd, they responded extremely well to each and every drop.  Big ups to the rising madman for dropping heaters by the illustrious Spass and the UK Riddim don, AD. He played the LV Square Mode VIP Special of AD’s hit “MP16which utterly destroyed the brains of each individual standing in that room. I can’t believe I survived that incredible performance, big ups to Sektah for wrecking DC two times in one year, keep up the hard work.


Always a pleasure to have the don Sektah on the GramCam especially when its at a MushMouth Media party <3 Washington D.C. always a banging ass time for real ?

Posted by GramGreene on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

 Let’s get this started right. I. F*cking. Love. GramGreene. I have to say, round three in DC was even better than the first two. Just like I did with Sektah, I’ve manage to scratch off multiple Gram Greene sets this year. I was blessed to catch the don at the Pirate Massive in Philly, as he threw down serious Riddim bombs with Al Ross, as well as a special performance in DC during the Codd Dubz and Crowell Chop Drop Tour, which practically melted my brain. But set number four was something out of fairy tale. Sporting a pink dad cap, some 1980s see through aviator styled shades, and a fresh rain coat, Gram Greene was dressed for success. I managed to grab the first five minutes of his set on my phone, but everything was history from there. I was having too much fun stomping the grounds of the DC Eagle to even look at my phone for the rest of this body rattling set. Gram Greeene started off his set with what sounded likeversion of Subfiltronik’s “Psycho Blockz” .leading into something completely unheard of. When I asked Milton about the intro, he was very clear that no one but he and the creator of the tune will ever know. The mystery goes on!


Washington D.C. remains to be one of my favorite places to play. You guys bring the best of out me <3

Posted by GramGreene on Tuesday, November 28, 2017

 Would you believe me if I told you that Philadelphia’s very own Ranga’ showed up to the scene for some serious b2b2b action with Gram Greene and Sektah? It was like we were all reliving that OG Role Modelz show back in January all over again, the nostalgic feeling made this particular much more special than what I anticipated. The guys have a knack for keeping up with one another, if Gram Greene isn’t the one chopping up the decks, then Ranga’ or Sektah will steal the spotlight and throw on some tunes you’ve never heard of before.

As the music got nuttier, so did the DJ on stage. Gram Greene threw off his 80s shades as the sounds of Argentinian badmons Artix! and Grym blarred through the system. If you haven’t heard their hit collab,”Heart Attack” then you.might want to start looking. He dropped another nasty tune by Grym titled “Mama Say” rhat almost shattered the roof of the DC Eagle.The Warrior continued to stomp. If you didnt know, Argentina is the Riddim capital of Latinamerica, their producers are beyond next level. We got to hear some older wompers like
“Devil Music” by the Los Angeles animals, Bloodthinnerz, along with that serious heater by Deemed titled “Salem.” I managed to catch my favorite performances of Subfiltronik’s Passout.” Gram Greene dragged out the drop as long as possible and the anticipation made singing out those familiar lyrics even more exciting. I can’t express enough how much fun I had during that Gram Greene set. If you’ve been thinking about bringing him to your city , the search is now over. Milton will absolute annihilate your city.

    Last but certainly not least was the man of the hour. One of the filthiest producers to come out of Peterborough, England, the early afternoon Lost Lands terror, Monxx, was about to hit the stage and I could not have been happier to finally be a part of this Riddim swamp womp party. When I came back to North Carolina I was telling one of my buddies about the show, and he told me that Monxx dresses just like the guys off that Netflix series, People Who Do Nothing, in other words, Adidas track pants, a sporty jacket and a dad hat, but nevertheless he still looked fresh. Monxx approached the stage with a look on his face that meant serious action; I could tell he was thoroughly excited to perform in our nations capitol for the first time. I have so many incredible tracks to share with all of you, that I don’t even know where to begin! How about we take a little glimpse at the video I managed to record and see what kind of firepower the WONXX Productions leader dropped on the masses.

Monxx Washington DC DEBUT

Peterborough's very own MONXX shutting down the The DC Eagle on his first visit to our nation's Capitol.Catch this Badmon Live if you have the chance!

Posted by The Charlotte Sessions on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

  Wow, can you believe that Monxx dropped his new collab with the all time goofiest producer from California, Al Ross? I lost myself when I heard the dark vibes of “HiJack hit that sound rig. But I wasn’t able to figure out the tune right after, so ten points and a free hug to whoever can name the track. Did you manage to peep that sexy remix of Dirtysnatcha’s new tune “Skrrr” featuring the catchy vocals of Big Shaq. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the serious, bass heavy vibes of Monxx collab with Emilian Wonk Carnage.”  Emilian Wonk is one of the dopest producers from South America, and it really amazes me to see him collab with someone from the such an exceptional producer side of the pond like Monxx. I nearly lost my head when he dropped two of my favorite singles “Lazer Tag” and “Hitman,” you could see people from all corners of the room stomping the grounds to the sounds of the Wizard. Josh had absolutely no fear in tearing down the walls bit by bit as the Riddim coursed through everyone bones.     As the night went on, the music kept getting better and better as Monxx unleashed several unreleased tracks and rarely heard bangers that melted faces every step of the way. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the Aweminus hit “Wonton Bass for the first time in a live setting, or let alone the infamous Monxx singles “Stormy Wonk” and Boogie Monsta VIPall of which caused an overload of Bass clusters exploding throughout the DC Eagle. I won’t keep you all much longer – when Monxx played his remix of the infamous single “Frogs” by HELP7, I couldn’t help but lose my mind to the grumbling amphibious sounds found that dirty chune. I have to point out Monxx signature dance move, which is an alternating point to the sky throwdown that you would expect to see from your dad if you took him to a Riddim show. But in all seriousness, that Mushmouth Media Monxx show was one of the most fun rave experiences of my life. I love DC, and I think Monxx does too.

 Last paragraph I promise. As soon as Monxx was done performing, a familiar face took over the decks to give the DC Bass zombies one last run for their money. Syfer, a Philadelphia based DJ and event curator, has performed in DC several times, and his heavy doses of Riddim bombs fit in perfectly with the theme of the night. Sporting a giant sombrero and a 10 foot long foot beard, the PA producer stepped up to the stand with a serious demeanor – within seconds he was hitting us with intensely heavy sounds by artists like Australia’s Chibs & Florida’s Midnight T. My body wouldn’t stop rumbling for the entirety of his set, by the time the show was over, I couldn’t believe madness my ears and soul had just experienced.

 If I could wrap this entire write up in a  single, poorly written, run on sentence, it would be “Monxx is tight, Gram Greene is a goofball but his sets are always fire, Ranga’ is explosive at any moment of the day, Syfer comes in with the firepower, and Sektah is extremely dangerous behind the decks, his chops might literally cut you into pieces.” Don’t sleep on the next Mushmouth Media show, these guys sure know how to throw a party.

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