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MONXX Releases New EP and Collab with Al Ross

  What’s one of your favorite parts of a Dubstep track? I’m a big fan of a dark and devious build up that quickly takes a sharp turn for the best as the drop prepares to come into play. In this case we’ve got a new single coproduced blending the notorious styles of California based producer Al Ross and Peterborough, UK’s homebody, Monxx. A dark string of piano keys matches up with some interesting violin strikes before a British rapper kicks a quick verse ending with him repeating the word “Hijack” as an impending and vigorous drop soon takes over your speakers. The selection of growls and womps used in this new single carry that aggressive tone that Monxx and Al Ross are known for. Hijack is the first collaboration from the two artists in over a year, since the release of their previous single “Pikachu’s Theme Song.” Grab a cold one and your nearest boy and click that play button below, because it’s time to get rowdy and play some Dubstep.

     But wait, there’s more! It seems like Monxx is no exception to the Disciple Round Table takeover, where the underground project of the LA based record label, Disciple Recordings, seems to be slowly releasing several new EPs by heavyweights like Dirt Monkey, Chibs and now, Monxx. The Turbo Dab EP features four special tracks that have finally risen to the surfaces of the internet.

 The first track,Turbo Dab” is a fan favorite that has been rinsed by countless DJs for months now; a swampy collaborative track with Australia’s Chibs known as “Lizard Man” has finally become available for download, as its heavy sound craft was originally posted on SoundCloud almost a year ago; the third track, “21 Questions,” was made with Manchester’s L.E.A., it shows off that Deep Dub style that so many of us have come to know in artists like The Widdler and Cut Rugs, and proves to us that Monxx isn’t merely %9000 Riddim, at all times of day. Last but not least, we have a new wonky super collab with New Orleans’ Boogie T. and Lafayette’s Boarcrok, appropriately titled “Sludge Womper.” If the catchy guitar riff at the beginning didn’t give it away, sooner than later the new track introduces those familiar Boogie T. womps that we’ve come love. The chemistry behind the three producers is seamless on this new heater. Folks I highly recommend checking out the Turbo Dab EP today! Give Mr. Monxx a Like on Facebook if you like what he does!

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