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MONXX Set to Perform in Atlanta, DC, and Philly – Gear Up November


   It was a really sad few hours when I realized I wasn’t going to make it to MONXX set at Lost Lands. But I couldn’t be too upset, because the UK producer and owner of the record label Wonxx Productions is set to hit the East Coast for a stack of filthy shows featuring a great line up of supporting acts. If I had to choose from the long list of shows that this talented producer will be performing, I’d have to pick the ones from my favorite promoters, Create. in Atlanta, Mushmouth Media in DC, and The Kontrol Room in Philadelphia. Let’s break it down, shall we?


   It’s the first time I’m hearing about local Atlanta promoters, Subcon Presents and the Native Groove, but I’m sure they must be good people if they’re working with our Carolina homies from Create. My buddy John has been teasing the ravers in our state for a few weeks now, talking about a potentially awesome collab show in Atlanta. Having booked Megalodon, Boogie T., and Yookie, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that this collab show will be anything but unordinary. The two promotional groups have finally released this banger of a show. MONXX will be performing at The Basement in Atlanta on Thursday, November 16th. If you get out of class at 12:15 like I do, then you should probably make the couple hour trek to Georgia’s most poppin’ city, because this show is bound to make history. As you can see on the flyer, Charlotte’s Riddim monster, Crowell, has his logo perfectly above Create.s’ logo, so I can only imagine who the direct support will be. Also, the Trippy Bandits logo is hanging neatly on the right side. Does that mean E.Mills will be performing? Only time will tell. If so, this will be my first time catching MONXX, and E.Mills. Please don’t be a square! It’s time for a dirty evening filled with the heaviest Riddim and Bass. You can RSVP Here today if you want to wait till later to buy tickets. But if you want to cop your entry today, Click Here to Purchase tickets!

UPDATE: Openers include, CROWELL, Perma-Trip, Salty, and Anodic!


   Ever since I hit up my first Role Modelz show in DC, I was hooked to their scene. The vibes of the Riddim community are definitely worth checking out. The homies over at Mushmouth Media booked an impeccable show featuring the likes of Ranga’, Gram Greene, and Sektah which absolutely blew me away. The show was intimate, unique, and overall a really good exeperience that I love to share with my friends. Now Mushmouth is stepping it up by booking one of the biggest artists in the Riddim scene for their newest edition of Role Modelz. Recently the opening acts were announced for the show. Behold, GramGreene and Sektah are taking over once again! I can comfortably say that these two are some of the most entertaining DJs in the scene. Gear up because this show is set to make DC history.

     If you want to keep up with new updates on the show, be sure to RSVP Here today! Also, you can Purchase Your Tickets Here to secure your spot at the show! November 24th at the DC Eagle. Other openers include Syfer, Dan, Dr Rabbit, Crono, and Cybin Quest. With names like those, who can doubt their heavy skills?


Last but not least we have a special show all the way up in PA that is set to burn your buns to a crisp. Monxx is taking over the William Street Common in the heart of Philadelphia, as he headlines the infamous Kontrol Room and Underground Division’s event, Biohazard 3: Revenge of the Riddim. The last time I  went to a Kontrol Event it was for the Pirate Massive which literally had an arsenal of artists such as Yakz, Benzmixer, Gram Greene, Aweminus, Skism, Crowell, Al Ross, Truth, Mr. Bill, and so many other incredible acts. It was definitely one of the neatest underground raves I’ve ever been to. Get ready because November, 18th is bound to be a glorious day. Opening acts include the likes of Syfer b2b Evan Riley, Nolweez, Krook, Batsy, Scafetta, and Brancone! If, somehow by the grace of God you make to all three shows, The Charlotte Sessions will crown you the Ultimate East Coast Monxx Fan! 

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– Zyven

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