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Moontype’s New Single “Pars Stella” Will Take You Straight to the Cosmos

 I have a lot of respect for my friends who take their musical endeavors seriously. A little over a year ago, a fellow bass fanatic from the Raleigh area named Tristan took his musical career in a different direction, starting with a moniker change. With the end of the Luneffekt era, came the rise of Tristan’s new project: Moontype. Similar to the effects of our earthly Mother moon, Moontype’s music brings a sense of brightness and never ending energy to the the hearts of those who listen to his music.

   If one of your missions this weekend is to host a massive dance party for you and all of your swankiest friends and family, then you should, without a doubt, throw in some Moontype tunes into your mix. “Are we going to a party? Will there be Bass? Even though I’m just an AI, I love to party” croons the sweet and mysterious voice of Moontype’s AI companion in his newest musical production. His most recent creation, “Pars Stella” is the perfect example of Moontype’s ability to get us moving and grooving in a space like setting. I felt like I was immediately transported to the cosmos to bypass a line of over ten thousand human and alien party monsters as I made my way straight to the VIP bar to take some shots with a four eyed, three arm purple club owner named Zelmar – and of course, we’ve got the man of the hour spinning eclectic dance tunes. Even if we’re all thrown onto a rocket to start a new space colony whenever our world leaders start attacking one another, Moontype will still be around to turn your journey into a full on dance party marathon.

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Where’s the dance party? With Moontype!

– Zyven



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