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Moore Kismet Turns Heads with New “Party With the Devil” Remix!

      I just discovered one of those instances where a producer outdoes himself on a remix of an already bombastic piece of music. Today we’ve got the likes of Moore Kismet‘s remake of a stunningly addicting tunes by the Waterbury based duo known as GLD. I first stumbled across “Party With the Devil” while learning a few social media skills off YouTube for my new job. In the blink of an eye, I turned my face away from the computer screen and pulled up my phone’s SoundCloud in a rapid fury so that I could find out what in earth I had just discovered. While the original version of “Party With the Devil” carries a much more stylish Trap vibe that makes it easier for booty shakers to work their magic, the Moore Kismet remix is like a jacked up, pumped to the max, super Dubstep extravaganza.

 It turns out that Moore Kismet is a prominent thirteen year old producer from Adelanto, California – this young musician has a true ability for creating hefty sounds worth jamming out to. After a quick fist pumping break, we’re introduced to the second half of Moore Kismet’s remix, which features an array intricate sounds that you never thought could go hand in hand – but of course, Moore had to prove us otherwise. A few other Moore Kismet singles worth listening to include Void“,Extra” and “Wrath“, catch the wave now while he’s still growing. Who knows what the future truly holds for Moore Kismet? Only time will tell. Make sure you give Moore Kismet and GLD a Like on Facebook! Moore Kismet FacebookGLD Facebook.

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– Zyven

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