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MOTUS and Smal B Wrecked Montreal [VIDEO + Review]

When my brothers Zeydax, Glodz, and Fullfvce of LORDS Music were deciding on who to bring out to our first show in Montreal, the names Smal B and Motus came up in the conversation. I was so set on having both Flix and Motus performing at the show, but in order to allow enough time slots for everyone we wanted to play, and for the sake of trying something new, we decided that MOTUS going back to back with Smal B for the first time would be truly epic.

Now who are Motus and Smal B you might be asking? Just two of the absolutely nastiest Riddim producers to ever hit the face of the earth. Motus is from St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, a small town about an hour and change east of Montreal, while Smal B is from a small town about an hour south. While Motus has been in the Riddim game for quite some time now, Smal B has been working towards spreading his music to more ears and established Riddim fanatics all across the globe.

Well his sounds managed to infiltrate the mind of this Riddim fanatic right here – the rest is history (Read our Smal B Discovery story here). To keep things brief, here is what world debut of MOTUS B2B SMAL B looked like. The boys absolutely destroyed it. And at the end of the night, I nabbed a few pieces of MOTUS’ “Breadstick Double” to complete the night. Thank you to Sorensen for the incredible footage, and for the awesome photos as well. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Years folks!

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– Zyven

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