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Carolina Producers Show Off Their Finest Work With Groundbreaking Munchies EP

Third time’s the charm. Never give up, that’s what I’ve always been preached. Recently I had my phone stolen from me at Bonnaroo, and it caused me to lose some good stories and articles that I had drafted up. And as I felt I was making good progress with my rewrite for this mystical and mind bending project, I managed to exit the app withoit saving. But this project is so special that I don’t mind giving her the ole college try and writing a new story on the Munchies EP. I’ll never forget the day I met Kolby, also known as the flyest blimp around Asheville, Zeplinn. He’s a true gentlemen, a great host and a very prominent musician with a knack for creating sounds that resonate with how we feel. In the other side of the picnic table we have the Greenville based ball of sunshine and joy, mister Kirby Bright. This man has grown his name tremendously throughout the East Coast as one of the craftiest soulful and impactful beings in the Bass scene. Without further ado, we now present you the Munchies EP.

The project kicks off with the self titled track of the EP, a relaxing approach that almost put me in an unexpectedly pleasant Vaporwave trance. But as the BPM rises at the very end of the song, an inner-tune transition quickly makes your body pick up the pace while putting a smile on your face (Listen to “Munchies” here). Kirby Bright and Zeplinn made no mistake in selecting “Chicken Bone Nowison” for their second track of the project – the Hip-Hop vibe definitely makes the Munchies EP adopt a new and exciting vibe that adds that versatility that a great project needs. Song number three has to be my favorite creation off the project – “Beans and Greens” exemplifies that crafty, wonky, alien friendly flow that we’re always looking for.

We have a lot of thanks to give to the Asheville based record label that made this project a reality, The Undergrowth! These folks are making dreams come true day by day, and for that, we salute you. As you take a look at the selections that make up this six track EP, you’ll notice that there are a variety of tunes that involve food in their title. Believe it or not, Kirby Bright and Zeplinn have managed to capture what these food items might sound like if they could talk. In an alternate 4th dimension universe, you might imagine these are the sound that they would emanate. 

The latter half of the EP features three special tunes that truly showcase Kirby Bright and Zeplinn’s ability to cater to your soul. “Thicc Biscuits” is a journey throughout time and space where the sole purpose is to find out how other beings in the universe call their fluffy, golden brown, breakfast friendly, carb filled sight that we like to call Biscuit on this planet. This tune is a true call to all experimental biscuit lovers hiding their true selves out there. You don’t have to be afraid anymore. If you’re a big fan of mashed potatoes and zesty, high paced, alien bangers, then Kirby and Zeplinn have the perfect tune for you. “Taters” is an absolute must bang at any hour of the day type of tune, and I think that after half a listen, you will agree!

Last, but certainly not least we have a special Bonus tune called “Lyke Cheez” that samples an appropriately comical skit from Ed, Edd and Eddy to tie in with the zesty, wavy punch, peculiar sounds and wonky flow that make this tune truly pop.

Carolina producers can never be stopped – workin so hard, drop after drop, trying to reach to the top, eating pop rocks, their flow will always rock.

That’s the Zeplinn and Kirby Bright way.

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The Undergrowth, Kirby Bright, and Zeplinn Make This World Go Round

– Zyven

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