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Southampton’s MurDa Releases Two Very Important VIPs [New Music]

      If you consider yourself a fan of gunzablazing, head thrashing, fist shoving Dubstep music, then I’ve got the perfect song for you today. These past few years we’ve seen the rise of a lot of European producers such as Infekt, Samplifire, and 5OHMAN. But today, we want to shed light on the newest productions of Southampton based monster known as MurDa. Tommy Ray has played his hefty and aggressive sound all over the world, rocking stages from Paris to Los Angeles as he gives headbangers a real taste of deathly side of Dubstep. Recently MurDa put forth a two track compilation of some VIPs to some of his more popular tunes. He’s calling it Very Important Plates, and it’s definitely worth the listen. The first VIP is of his destructive tune “The Watermark Song” off his recent Machines Can Cry EP. As the track begins to rumble, an eerie voice creeps through the stereo screaming “Yo my name is MurDa” before an ensemble of cyborgs gather together and unleash every powerful gun and lazer in sight.

     The second rework is something to Tweet about. MurDa created an international bandwagon for yelling the word “Ball Licker” out in the open,as if no one was listening. I feel like I counted at least 8 performers at Lost Lands incorporate MurDa’s hit single in their set. Sometimes, we’re not ready to eat all the potatoes that life has to offer. If anyone ever calls you a little chubby for not following their path, I encourage you to politely recite MurDa’s lyrics and call your opposer a ball licker, followed by a fashionable 180 and a stern walk in the opposite direction. This VIP is not for the feint of heart. Listen at your own risk.

I also want to share a special animated video created by Witkor Brodowski! Tell me this isn’t one of the neatest concepts you’ve ever seen, and I’ll call the Dubstep police on you!

Garry's Mod ft. Ball Licker!

This is amazing! ? – Wiktor Brodowski

Posted by MurDa on Sunday, April 8, 2018

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