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Muzzy Bearr Did Something To Tyler, The Creator’s New Album…

If you’ve been to a GRiZ concert in the past few years, you’ve definitely heard the name Muzzy Bearr once or twice. While a lot of people know him as that Detroit rockstar that joins GRiZ from time to time during his special live performances, if you take a look at his personal collection of tunes, you’ll come to find out that Muzzy Bear proudly struts a wide variety of sounds that he’s proudly created on his own. This is the first time I’ve ever looked up the Michigan guitarist’s SoundCloud page, and to my surprise, I managed to discover one of the coolest renditions of one of my favorite rapper’s favorite songs.

Tyler, the Creator took a complete new direction to his 2019 album, IGOR, and if you listened to it from cover to cover, I’m almost certain that you would agree that he isn’t covering the same dark subjects that he did almost a decade ago when most of us first discovered him. “EARFQUAKE” is nothing short of a love song with lyrics powerful enough to make a grown man cry. We all have, or have had, a special person in our lives who has made such a great impact on our lives that can be compared to the seismic activities that take place in California, China, and Italy. Muzzy Bearr managed to turn this special piece by Tyler into a dancefloor athem with an impeccable amount of rhythm and steez that surpasses the original. I really hope that T catches wind of this flip, because it set me in the best mood whenever I first heard it.

Don’t forget – it’s up to you to shake, dance, and spread some love in this drastically shifting universe that we live in. Seize day, shake your booty, and tell your friends you appreciate them. Thank you for this incredible rendition Muzzy Bearr! If you’re reading this, please send me the tune because I really want to mix with it 🙂

Blessings to all of you!

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– Zyven
(The Riddim Professor)

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