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My First Rocket Attack in Israel

I woke up the other day like every day at 7:30 am. I go to school at Ulpan Gordon currently – I began walking down the street and checked my texts about why some of friends weren’t going to school. Little did I think this would be any issue, because it is quite normal for the South to get hit with rockets, while it’d be far out for us to experience that here in Yafo (a highly populated mixed town with arabs and jews).

As I walk down the street, I notice the same sirens that I heard during the tsunami alarm in Hawaii nine years ago. It was the “OH SH#T, RUN Alarm” (thanks for this name Flex Mathews) . A big boom happened above my head that shook my body with a bunch of smoke in the air. No where to find a bomb shelter, I ran into this building where the security guy was waving people to come in.

When the sirens stopped, life sort of resolved, but reluctantly.
The Whatsapp groups were going crazy and classes were cancelled.
The post office was closed and people were angry that no one was working.
People were on the verge of bracing for a day off.
People were sort off in shock.
I sat on the stoop by the post office hoping it’d open for me ro receive a package, but it never did. It wasn’t like a real holiday with extra time off.
People seem to be scared they wouldn’t return to work.
This was the first time it happened in 5 years. By the end of the day 220 rockets came out.

My friend Flex Mathews called me. We shared a laugh over “the oh sh#t sire” because when we heard them in Hawaii for a TSUNAMI, he threw his phone is a plastic bag (as if the plastic bag would prevent the phone from getting water logged if we’re all in some massive tidal wave).

Something interesting I noticed…

I later went to a Cafe Alma (next to Abu Hassan Hummus) since everything was closed. Ironically, EVERYONE was off. So today was a bit odd with Arabs and Jews sitting together in a cafe, when a war was on the verge of breaking out. OY! If we have the day off, I guess we still might as well enjoy it even though many pepple aren’t. That seems to be the underlying tone.

(A Note from the Editor: I really want to thank Kosha Dillz for sharing this story with me and his supporters. I’ll never forget the day I first saw him perform live at the Warped Tour stop in Charlotte. Kosha is an exceptional artist and a very unique individual. Feel free to check out his newest single “Nobody Cares Except You“.)

Kosha Dillz

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