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Neon Music Festival Has Arrived

North Carolina can we get a Neon Roll Call!?

     That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the fifth year anniversary of North Carolina’s very own electronic music festival known as Neon Weekend finally begins today! The festival basically comprises some of the best local and regional talent the east coast has to offer. Many top-notch performers returning to Neon include: Luneffekt, Bad Catholics, eMonei, Bass Function, TRiLLiON, Killtrak, Tookie, DJ Moodswing among many more!

     This festival is set to take place in Forest City, North Carolina, about 75 miles away from Charlotte. So if you think the drive is too far to rave with NC’s most dedicated supporters, you’re wrong. The neat thing about Neon Weekend is the fact that camping is available (and suggested) to all patrons of the festival. Do you own a portable shower or tent? If not hop on it now because Neon Weekend starts today!

     A few activities include: Morning Meditation, Hoop and Flow, String Poi and Flow workshops, and Hat Pin and Mineral Rock trading posts where festy heads get to trade experiences, memories, and gifts with one another. This festival is %100 about Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Also, bring your wallets because plenty of sick vendors are set to be at Neon Weekend displaying some of their coolest garments, jewls, flow toys, and neon equipment.

     Interested to see who else is playing Neon Weekend? Check out the full schedule below!


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–   Zyven

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  1. Derek Derek August 4, 2016

    Are any of the pictures that were taken going to be posted?

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