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Neonix & Aweminus Team Up For a Dastardly New Single

 Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a special surprise prepared for all of you bass killers out there looking for new music to jam to. Recently we had the opportunity to experience the heavy style of the Vegas based Dubstep animal, Aweminus, as be tore down the roof of Greensboro’s Blind Tiger venue just a few weeks ago. To our surprise, Aweminus teamed up with the likes of Texas based badmon, Neonix, to bring forth that new spicy heater that you’ve been yearning for! “Selecta” starts off with a rare, high frequency beep mixed in a with the growls of a newly crafted cyborg from space. A voice kicks in shouting “Drop that bitch low!” before the madness ensues. It’s one of those robot Riddim anthems that deserves to be blasted at full volume. If you’re a fan of strange and creative Dubstep, then “Selecta” is the tune for you.


   Make sure you check out some other recent musical creations by the boys, such as Neonix’ new single Prey.” The track starts off with the whispers of a creepy man, as he spills a slew of evil messages in a foreign language, probably conjuring up the spirits of his distant town. I imagine this man is crafting his dark magin in a gloomy dungeon like setting. Suddenly, a screeching voice pierces through your speakers before Neonix unleashes a hefty lazer packed bass drop that will have you poppin’ your shoulders quicker than you can say “Alien Dubstep is tight.”



     I’m also thoroughly excited to share the VIP for Aweminus’ hit Never Say Die Black Label release, “Under the Bed.” This new remake features an unique ensemble of piercing kicks, 90s Rock like hihats and nasty growls. I’ll never forget the moment when the homie PsyDubz intentionally played “Under the Bed” during his opening set of the Thot Elimination Tour, which riled up Aweminus enough to fly out of the green room, cut the decks and jokingly shout “you think you can just play my song?” The fellas were laughing away on stage before they kicked the set back into gear. Can’t say I’ll forget that memory any time soon! Make sure to give Aweminus and Neonix a Like on Facebook to stay in loop for new releases!

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