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Net Users & Music Lovers: Stop Scrolling!

  Hello! Welcome. I’m here to give you net users a super task. This past week, Oregon’s own Kyle Bishoff, or also known as Supertask, has delivered a full throttle, 7-track-length EP titled Net User. Overflowing with a beautiful array of suspenseful high and low reaching leads, as well as intricate trap-like percussion that ripples through the tracks, “Net User” will not disappoint your hopes for something new and fresh. Bishoff delivers in an organic manner while remaining glitchful-y liquid and crisp – which helps in guiding your ears to fall in love instantly. The EP starts off with “Power On Self Test” which gradually inclines into an expedition of serene ambiance to shortly be blindsided by a burst of melodic, yet rough, bass that you can’t help but bask within. It’s a true self-test to determine if you can survive the double journey embedded withinin this track. We then glide into “Restore Previous Session,” which is adorned with gentle and chiming harmony and percussive melody that dances throughout.

     While all of these tunes showcase some new Supertask vibrations, “Raid – 05” brings us back to that classic Supertask sound that immediately drew me in when I first found this gem of an artist. My personal favorites on this masterpiece were the euphonic “Binary” and high energy, yet tranquil, “Thread” both of which you can listen to below. So for now, I’ll let you net users self discover the rest of this EP.


     This digital storyteller gangs with the collaborative Lab Group, composed of none other than supernatural Charlesthefirst and heavy-hitting Potions. The three share a similar style of natural, soothing sounds that flow effortlessly into your canals. Yet they each still maintain their individuality in the deliverance of irrefutably-powerful bass. I was able to catch their Lab Group Tour, which was also blessed with the one and only Goopsteppa, early in 2018 in Asheville, NC. This remains my all-time favorite show since the start of my journey through music exploration. I must add that the Asheville crowd gives any gathering a sense of freeing individuality, so I was unquestionably grooving with every bone in my body in a throbbing contorted demeanor with the rest of Asheville. Below is Supertask dropping his tune “Guess” on this sublime night. 

With Supertask and the Lab Group boys now certainly on the rise, my task for you is to dive into Mister Kyle Bishoff’s newly-released EP and let the sounds overtake your thoughts for a ride. But my personal “super task” for you music lovers is to descend yourselves into the rest of his mind-capturing discography. You.can’

Much Love – Tiffany


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