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[New Banger Alerts] Monxx, Pinja, EH!DE


     Who could imagine that the Peterborough based producer would hop on a Midnight Tyrannosaurus song and remix the hell out of it? The original is quite heavy to say the least, that incredibly heavy style is what Midnight T is known for. But MONXX… MONXX did something incredibly special to this track. He tricked it out from start to finish. The UK artist is famous for producing extremely intense and wonky tunes that are literally being played at all corners of this earth. We heavily suggest you check out his rendition of Midnight T’s single “Demon” below. Make sure to support awesome producers and give Monxx a Like on Facebook!


  Do we really need to fill you in on this Spanish mastsermind? Well the story goes that a mustache grew from the grounds of Seville and wandered around town until stumbling upon its first “rave.” Soon enough, the stache became obsessed with the rythmn, and before we knew it, EH!DE was born. Rapidly, a face, body, and arms & legs quickly formed around the mustache, as a Firepower Records hat fell from the Heavens and appropriately landed on said EH!DE. Quickly enough, the young lad learned the Ins and Outs of the production game, and fastforward one successful ongoing career later, and we’ve got a sick new banger honoring the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow. Listen to this pirate themed medley below and tell us what you think! Give EH!DE a Like on Facebook!


  The past couple months represents the rise of Charlotte as new producers and DJs have been making waves in the scene ever since promoters started organizing more local events. A production duo by the name of PINJA are part of this group of ongoing, growing, North Carolina based performers, as they truly immerse themselves in the culture that is Electronic Dance Music in the Carolinas. Leah and Dominic Bochicchio are not only producers and DJs, they’re also heavy into the photography scene, establishing a brand such as Miss Mirror Photography (primarily Leah), while Dominic often gets behind the audio/lighting booths to make technological magic happen at your local show. We haven’t had the chance to catch a full PINJA set yet, but we enjoy the music they craft nonetheless. They dropped a new single called “Phaser” which features an array of intricate trapesque sounds. This new heater can be heard below! Give PINJA a Like on Facebook please!

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