Keep your eyeballs and earholes open for up-and-coming San Fran duo, Skylane. This week, I’ve been doing nothing but rocking out to their two new mixes, “Polaris” and “Orion. Each a solid seven minutes long, these jams have a flavor of futuristic rhythm with a little bit of grime and some touches of funk. Their progressive sounds and basslines are a treat for listeners who are itching to hit the dance floor. The “Polaris/Orion” EP is perfect for fans just getting into the genre, but still complex enough for a long-time EDM listener to enjoy.

      If I had to choose one over the other, I would pick Orion over Polaris ONLY because I had a really good time listening to it in the car this morning. The buildups are long but the payoff is worth the wait. This song is super spacey, giving me some serious TRON vibes, but really digs deep towards the end. Keep a lookout for new music because Skylane is here for the long run.