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New Jersey Riddim Lord, WARNED, Hits The Heart With New Grudge EP

  My friends, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again for the people in the back, the folks from New Jersey have a special burst of energy and swagger unlike anything I have ever seen before (Wisconites are a close second, but on a whole different level). For some unknown reason, the universe has put an innumerable amount of people from New Jersey in my life since late 2017, and every single one of them has been a blessing in disguise, all touching my life in their own unique way. But one special soul has really had an impact on my perspective of folks from the Garden State. His homies call him Andrew, but the Riddim Dubstep community knows him as the bass tyrant, WARNED.

    Riddim Lords and Queens, I am proud to tell you that Warned is one of the gnarliest graphic designers, t-shirt printers, and heavy, wonky, flow driven producers to come out of the Garden state, and I’m certainly glad that I can call him buddy. But let’s get back to the music. The Grudge EP features three brand new, freshly crafted tunes that carry one true purpose: to make you, the good people of the Dinoriddimverse, dance your hearts out. The EP kicks off with a filthy rendition of the dangerous thoughts that are roaming through Warned’s head on a daily basis – “Grudge” is not for the faint of heart. My favorite tune off the new project is titled “ICU”. It starts off with a strangely melodic yet mysterious flow, as if you were walking through a snowy town during Christmas season. But of course, the serenity quickly depletes itself as Warned hits the command button that unleashes an army of Riddim Robots set on destruction. The final two tracks include a spicy tune titled “Seize Up” and a wild remix from the Brazilian don, KC Dubz to finish off the project.

     A big special shout out to all of my Jersey fam: Aubrey the Riddim Dutchess, Brian the Philly Jersey Beech boi, Jake Guru Dubz, Jasha Space Jeezy, Lefferts and his pops, Jazzy Jake, Anthony Psydubz, Danny H, Kayla the Bisco Shore Queen, Tessa the Bisco Shore Trippy Kitty, Juliet and Maggie the EForest Pixies, Gram Friggin Greene, Kait and Noelle, Kyrie, Stefani (AKA Mrs. WARNED) the list goes on! Appreciate those who have come into your life and let them know that you love them and care! Life is short, but with good friends like my Jersey crowd, every minute is worth gold. Also… LONG LIVE THE WARRIORS <3

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– Zyven

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