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[New Music 2017] SoundYum & BroMosapien


     We haven’t heard something so serene, yet simultaneously hard like this new track by Arizona based producer SoundYum. We literally just discovered the producer from Tuscon and after exploring his Soundcloud page, we can honestly say we thoroughly enjoy SoundYum’s production style. His music is upbeat, intricate, and raunchy all at the same time! Not quite sure how we’re just now discovering his tunes for the first time, but this guy is definitely worth exploring! Bump that new new, “Bright” as seen below. Also, here’s another banger called “Divine for all of your headbanging needs. Give the lad SoundYum a Like on Facebook and let him know how great his music is.


   We’ve had the pleasure of making a few great memories with Boone, NC based producer, BroMosapien in the past couple months. From throwing down at a warehouse in North Wilkesboro, to jamming out to Minnesota’s infectious vibes in Charlotte, any time we get to spend with Andy is always a blessing. Recently he dropped a new heater on the interwebs for the good people of planet earth to enjoy. Like most of us, BroMosapien is a huge fan of Skrillex and Damian Marley, so it only makes sense to craft a nasty VIP all these years later right? We absolutely love his creative spin on “Make It Bun Dem.” Grab yourself a cold brew, turn your speakers up to 11 and blast this one to your heart’s content, you can thank us later. Be sure to give BroMosapien a Like on Facebook and show some love.

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