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[New Music Alert] Bear Grillz // This is Your Brain on Dubstep

   Its a wrap friends. Everyone’s favorite costumed beat killa, Bear Grillz done did it again. The one and only masked bear from Yosemite Park has recently dropped an absolute banger of an EP that features a great variety of intricate sound design and production. The EP is called “This Is Your Brain on Dubstep,” and its possibly one of Bear Grillz’ best collections of music. While I will always love and cherish the OG Bear Grillz with the felt costume who dropped flame EPs like the High Grade EP or Bear Grillz & Friends Vol. I & II, I can’t blame the guy for expanding his horizons and creating new ill tunes. The intro to the EP, Hold On starts off in a melodic fashion before the nasty drop comes into play, definitely a good teaser to get the collection started.

 Next we haveRage featuring the Heavy Metal champ of Dubstep, Sullivan King. Here’s a challenge, double drop Rage with something insane that no one has ever heard in a live setting, and just watch the filthy crowd reactions unfold. The next track is called “Brain on Dub which is quite possibly my favorite track on the EP. Bear Grillz went from Metal banger to a super wompy track that shows how your brain is physically capable of melting when listening to Dubstep. It goes hard to say the least.

  The next track is definitely the softest track on the new project. “Long Run” kind of reminds me of those old school Adventure Club feels; vocalist Selah Ford has no issues adding emotion to this one. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with toning it down a bit, but when you hear the final track of this great EP, you’ll completely forget about those slow, loving vibes. Honey Drop is an intense nightclub heater which was co-produced with the homie Kompany. It features the dark vocals of Hip-Hop artist Sam King, who has worked with several different producers such as Excision, Dotcom, and Snails, among a few others. If you haven’t heard This Is Your Brain On Dubstep, I definitely recommend dropping everything you’re doing right now and hitting that play button. This EP is an absolute must.

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